Letters to the Editor

Why will Trump meet with foreign leaders but not ours?

Meet with the Squad, Mr. President

How come Trump can sit down and have discussions with world leaders yet can't do the same with his political opponents here in this country? The presence of tweets and other social media has resulted in name-calling and insults replacing what used to be civil discussion of issues. It doesn't have to be this way.

Why doesn't President Trump have a meeting with members of the "Squad"? If he can negotiate with foreign leaders, surely he can do the same with leaders in this country.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Candidates should think for themselves

For some unknown reason, most people running for office today focus on what they oppose in their opponents' stance. I would rather vote for a person who is forthright and says what he or she will do for us and what he or she should stand for. It shouldn’t be party loyalty but should be constituent loyalty.

What do “my” people need and want? Do my people need affordable healthcare, do they want a rebuilt infrastructure, do they need tax cuts or are they willing to invest in their future and that of their children? Our current self-serving system is broken. There must be a major change in the way we govern.

Douglas Sherrow, Mint Hill

Go somewhere else for the RNC

In response to “Former Charlotte City Council member: Hosting RNC 2020 made sense for Charlotte. Until now” (July 19 Editorial):

Thank you, Mr. Maddalon, for your clear assessment of Charlotte’s RNC convention situation. Trump continues to gleefully push the envelope against values of decency on every level. The Republican Party is afraid to disavow his negative rhetoric and that includes our own Republican senators. Charlotte should not be afraid to say “not here.”

We need to tell this misguided party we will not welcome a convention that I say is currently encouraging anger, hate and intolerance. The Republican Party is making its own mess; let it figure out where to go for its convention.

I hope our mayor takes a stand to take Charlotte out of this agreement and show we will not be bullied into participating in “letting the devil in the door.”

Mary Beth Reynolds, Charlotte

This is slander towards Trump

I found the RNC column disturbing and irresponsible.

It claims that President Trump is an “unindicted conspirator in various criminal activities.” There are no complete facts to support this claim. It talks about the “potential for political disobedience of historic proportions” if the RNC is held in Charlotte, as if to encourage bad behavior. Sounds incendiary to me. Then, it refers to the RNC as the Racist National Convention, which seems to imply that all Trump supporters are racist. How can anyone say you are for diversity and inclusiveness while preaching hatred for those with different opinions?

If the city were to revoke the RNC, would it be fine for Trump supporters to take to the streets, destroy property and put lives in danger? No, it would not.

Mark Slaven, Charlotte

Mark Johnson, this smells unethical

In response to “Groups want investigation into how multi-million-dollar reading contract was awarded” (July 19):

Augie Beasley
Augie Beasley

The reason State Superintendent Mark Johnson overrode the recommendations of the committee to use another reading program to test the reading skills of NC students should be investigated. He criticized the evaluation committee for not picking the computer-based program Istation. As a citizen and taxpayer of NC, I want to know why Johnson did not follow the evaluation committee.

He alludes to problems with the current testing program being used, but refuses to say why. He says he must wait until company’s protest is resolved. If something is wrong with the program, tell us what it is.

I’m not saying there is something unethical in what he did, but it sure seems and smells that way.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Not satisfied? Vote them out!

In response to “Clayton Wilcox to resign as CMS superintendent after two years on job” (July 19):

How much do you want to learn the details of the CMS Superintendent's resignation? His willingness to walk away from several years remaining on his salary speaks volumes.

The board's decision suggests a cost/benefit analysis indicating that the money that would otherwise have been spent in severance would be better used for things like teacher salaries. In my opinion, this may be the time to let sleeping dogs lie. If you are dissatisfied with your school board, vote them out of office. That won't cost you a cent!

Lance Sprowls, Mint Hill