Letters to the Editor

This summer has been more than enough evidence of climate change

Respond to climate change now

Dean Kluesner
Dean Kluesner

Still don’t believe in climate change? Guess you didn’t go outside last weekend. I’ve lived in Charlotte through 25 summers, and the last two have been much hotter and more humid than any other.

I congratulate Duke Energy for managing the power grid so well, but it makes no sense to burn natural gas for energy, putting more carbon dioxide into the air, and then running our air conditioners more because temperatures keep rising. We can’t solve this problem simply by raising our thermostats any more than we could repair the interstate highway system by filling local potholes.

We need big action at the national level, like the carbon fee and dividend policy now gathering momentum in Congress. Otherwise, this will be just the beginning folks.

Dean Kluesner, Charlotte

Pelosi is scared of Mike Pence

In response to “Will Mueller’s testimony spark new impeachment talk?” (July 22):

Nancy Pelosi understands that if Trump is impeached, Mike Pence is first in the line of succession to fill the office of president. After assuming the office of president, I say Pence would then become the Republicans’ most likely candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

Pence also realizes this and has been very careful to avoid being involved in Trump's many controversial issues, and I say Pelosi realizes he would be more difficult for the Democrats to defeat than Trump would. Remember, even before all this controversy, Trump lost the popular vote to Clinton in the 2016 election.

Neil Query, Marvin

The parties should come together

In response to “Former Charlotte City Council member: Hosting RNC 2020 made sense for Charlotte. Until now” (July 19) and related articles:

Republicans just want a free, safe and prosperous country. Writers who falsely call Republicans a sordid plague who revel in disdain and hate should look inward. This rhetoric is repeated for the purpose to gain votes and power while shutting down freedom of speech, thought and information.

Democrats control Charlotte and other large cities. Murder, crime, drugs and homelessness have multiplied with taxes and home values possibly raised to support the “arts.” Instead of daily scheming to get rid of our president, Democrats should join with him and Republicans to solve our nation’s problems!

Debby Presson, Mint Hill

RNC is complicit with Trump

I greatly appreciated Billy Maddalon's op-ed in Sunday's paper. I wholeheartedly agree with his premise.

Since the RNC has remained mute on disavowing Trump's venomous and divisive words, it makes them complicit. They do not merit holding their convention in Charlotte to further promote his heinous and increasingly racist agenda.

Nancy Prushinski, Hickory

What if MLK were attacked?

Trump's most recent attacks on four U.S. Representatives isn’t surprising but is despicable. Most Americans today would shiver with disgust if we heard someone say “go back to your country” referring to Martin Luther King. However, the social commentary spoken by King is analogous to the commentary of these women in Congress.

Yet, we would not accept and would even wholeheartedly reject someone telling King to “go back to his country” for questioning the social structure at that time and yearning for change in our country.

Len Kornberg, Charlotte

Fathers needed to help their children

In response to "Police chief isn't entirely to blame" (July 19 Forum):

The writer is president of KidsNeed2Parents

I agree that these young men missed being taught the correct way to handle disagreements by their parents. The problem is that so many of these young, violent men have no fathers in their lives for a variety of reasons.

One is loss of custody in family court where poor but caring fathers cannot fight to stay in their children's lives after divorce or separation. Family structure was one of five areas identified by our Economic Opportunity Task Force as needing improvement, but no one seems to be working on this issue.

A vast amount of current research shows that keeping more fathers in our children's lives will help them emotionally, educationally and economically.

Sheila Peltzer, Charlotte