Letters to the Editor

Until we fix gun control, young lives will continue to be lost

When will we finally fix gun control?

In response to “Butler shooter got off too easy” (July 28 Forum):

Mary Gaertner
Mary Gaertner

The forum writer’s conclusion about the sentencing related to the Butler High School shooting is way off the mark. The actual message is that unless and until we do something to remove the opportunity for children to have access to guns, precious young lives will continue to be lost on a daily basis.

The National Rifle Association and all its members who scream about Second Amendment rights are intentionally creating a society where school bullying is solved with guns. I grieve for the teenagers and their families involved in this horrible tragedy. When will we be appalled at the apathy of our leaders to fix gun control?

Mary Gaertner, Charlotte

Someone say what Russia actually did

In response to “A Republican recognizes the Russian threat” (July 27):

I want a straight, bipartisan answer. Exactly how did the Russians "interfere" in the 2016 elections? Don’t say how they “could” have. Did they "rig" our electronic voting machines? Did they pay vote counters to lie? Did they rig the machines that counted the paper ballot? Did they use social media to pass around misinformation and lies about the candidates?

If we don't know the basic question or have real answers, how can we have a meaningful discussion? Lots of people talk about "Russian interference" but offer no true explanation of the term.

Bob Burroughs, Charlotte

Voters didn’t want Hillary as president

Why can’t the Democrats realize that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was unfit to serve as President of the United States? The American people didn’t need Russian interference to show Trump was their choice. It seems she lied to the families of Benghazi, she and Bill set up the Clinton Foundation to enrich themselves, and the American people did not want either of those two in the White House again!

Trump defends this country by standing up to people who make critical and unfair statements about this country.This country is not perfect and there will always be some bigotry, but most people prefer to live here than anywhere else!

Patsy Reames, Charlotte

Electric cars are the clear choice today

In response to “On electric cars, let free market rule” (July 28):

I agree with the writer who said we should let the free market and the laws of physics determine whether we should drive gasoline or electric vehicles. What his analysis favoring fossil fuel vehicles failed to mention though are the huge subsidies received by the oil and gas companies and, more importantly, the costs gas powered cars are imposing on future generations.

Will the United States welcome some of the millions of climate refugees that are predicted to lose their land to sea levels rising around the world? What will that cost? Or, alternatively, what will it cost for highly risky geo-engineering or for the building of giant machines (that don’t currently exist) to remove CO2 from the atmosphere? Adding in these costs make electric vehicles the clear choice right now.

Bob Thomason, Charlotte

Humans can’t be trusted with districts

In response to “One NC gerrymandering trial reaches the end. Here’s what could happen next.” (July 26):

After decades of shifting districts, it’s time for a solomonesque solution, and it’ll be one no one likes. The court needs to give the assignment for new districts to a computer somewhere that knows nothing about our politics.

It should then be instructed to draw compact districts with no more criteria than population and county and precinct lines. No knowledge of age, gender, ethnicity or voting history. Take politics out of the equation.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte

Respect our country and flag

In response to “Fowler: Panthers’ Eric Reid won’t stop kneeling during the anthem. ‘We’ve got to keep fighting.’” (July 28):

If Mr. Reid is really as well read as he claims to be, he wouldn’t be able to deny the benefits he has seen under President Trump. I would be curious to hear what injustices Mr. Reid is facing with his three-year, $22 million deal.

There’s a fine line between protesting and grandstanding. Respect the flag, respect our country and be respectful of our president as he continues, without the help of the liberal media, to make America a country we can be proud to live in.

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte