Letters to the Editor

The economy is booming, but at what cost?

We’re running out of economic tools

In response to “Trump says North Carolina’s economy is the ‘best’ in state history” (July 27):

Everyone seems to be pointing to our booming economy as a success of the Trump administration but at what cost? The economy has been goosed by big tax cuts, interest rate cuts (on the way) and increased spending that will be mortgaging our children’s future with huge deficits.

Deficit spending and low interest rates have a place, when the economy is in a poor condition like in 2008, but we are using our recession combating tools when the economy is doing well. What tools will be left in the toolbox when we really need them?

David Duncan, Fort Mill

Russia’s intent was to waver our morale

In response to “Someone say what Russia actually did” (July 30 Forum):

It seems Republican's attempts to downplay the Mueller Report have left people doubting Russia did anything to affect our elections. Even if you don't believe the hundreds of fake posts on social media and the attempts at breaking into voting machines had any effect, you can see that the Russian espionage has divided the country and undermined its confidence in its electoral system. This may have been their intention all along.

What worries me most is Russia can buy all the political influence it wants. Democrats have tried to pass bills outlawing foreign campaign contributions but all seem to die in the Senate. Is their any wonder they won't pass any bills that beef up election security?

Timothy Weeks, Fort Mill

Want to talk sleazy? Let’s talk sleazy

In response to “Voters didn’t want Hillary as president” (July 30 Forum):

Joseph Salerno
Joseph Salerno

Trump defenders immediately pivot to bring up topics like Benghazi and the “sleazy” Clinton Foundation when Trump is attacked. Let’s talk sleazy then.

Foreign money continues to flow to our president through the Trump International Hotel and other Trump properties. He refuses to divest from his many business entanglements with foreign governments. He won’t release his tax returns. His former campaign chairman, his former NSA and several former close associates stand convicted for lying to the FBI and for financial crimes and so much more.

Voters didn’t like Clinton? Look what we got instead.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte

Trump is the worst American offender

Donald Trump suggested that American POWs are not heroes because they were captured and has disparaged Gold Star families. He took the word of Vladimir Putin over the assessments of American intelligence agencies. He has made degrading remarks about Baltimore, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Chicago while praising Moscow as "a great city.” He referred to The White House as a dump. And perhaps worst of all, he constantly lies to the American people.

Donald Trump is the defender of American values against "people who make critical and unfair statements?" I don't think so. He’s the worst offender.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

I no longer respect Robert Mueller

Once upon a time, I respected Robert Mueller. Now, I feel very sorry for this man who has tarnished his reputation.

When asked why and how CNN knew to turn out to cover the search of Roger Stone’s residence before the search began, he refused to answer. When asked questions about portions of the Special Counsel report he should have been quite familiar with, he acted confused and had to ask on what page that passage could be found. In his investigation, Mueller deliberately avoided any inquiry into the FISA applications, the Steele Dossier, and the involvement of Fusion GPS and the DNC.

Thank goodness there are others within DOJ who are now investigating what Mueller chose to ignore so one day we have a complete picture.

Craig A. Reutlinger, Charlotte

How do we let this happen to babies?

In response to “Dad pleads not guilty in deaths of twins in car” (July 27) and related articles:

Three babies died in hot cars in the last 10 days. We have a RING doorbell to protect our precious Amazon packages left on the porch and back up cams to protect our precious vehicles. I hear there's even a new diaper with a sensor that calls your phone when it needs changing. But there's not one device to alert us when our babies are being left in a hot car for too long let alone at all?

I guess the front porch is more precious than our babies. Shame on us.

Rick Wingate, Mooresville