Letters to the Editor

Gratuitous injection of race into news divides us more than Trump does

Stop injecting race into news

I’ve noticed the recent overuse of phrases such as “women of color” in the news media.

We’re all people of color. My own color happens to be white, by accident of birth over which I had no control.

I’ve also noticed frequent references in the news media to our president as the divider-in-chief. The gratuitous injection of race into otherwise unremarkable news accounts divides us far more than anything the president may be doing.

Phil Lambeth, Charlotte

I want Dems to address gun issues

I am dismayed the neither one of the Democratic Party’s debates adequately addressed gun violence in our country.

Our country seems to have become immune to all of the lives lost.

It is time to address the elephant in the room!

Pam Williams, Charlotte

Democratic debates were disappointing

The Democratic candidates wasted yet another opportunity to show leadership and unity.

Instead, they showed us that they are really only concerned about winning petty arguments among themselves, not leading America in our time of need.

The winner is — Donald Trump. Sad.

Steve Benkosky, Boone

Eliminate employer health care

During the WWII companies were restricted on how much they could pay new workers. To get around restrictions and attract the best workers, companies added health care insurance to their recruitment package.

Even though salary caps no longer exist company provided health care remains, which often means your company chooses your health care.

What an absurdity.

Eliminate company health care insurance, lower your health care costs, and let your company’s savings afford you a higher salary.

Larry Bennett, Charlotte

Tepper’s stadium plan irks me

Panthers owner David Tepper has suggested that Charlotte needs a new domed stadium to host the Panthers, a new pro soccer team and other events.

Tepper has been quoted as saying: “The economy’s big enough for a revenue tax, a hotel revenue increase that would go a long way to help pay for a new stadium.”

He went on to say he won’t invest any of his $11 billion net worth without government support.

Tepper shows he is just another billionaire NFL owner out to squeeze the fans for a new stadium that would provide new revenue streams to pay for his new investment.

Gerard Hart, Huntersville

Don’t privatize NC liquor sales

For half of my adult life I lived in Ohio, a state that controlled its own liquor sales. ABC stores were bright, clean, well organized operations staffed by dedicated employees under rigid controls.

Regardless of your personal opinions on alcohol, they represented a multi-million dollar asset Ohio could be proud of.

After years of pressure by the merchants association lobby Ohio decided to privatize. Today that asset is gone, never to return. Ohio is now dotted with dingy, poorly lit and poorly staffed shops.

I strongly urge N.C. voters to look at other states around us. You will see that privatizing liquor stores is a really bad idea.

John Roberts, Reidsville

Too many kids dying in hot cars

Regarding “Dad pleads not guilty in deaths of twins in car” (July 27):

We’re killing kids in hot cars to the tune of 24 so far this year, 52 last year.

If we were looking at them, talking to them, or singing to them or listening to them, it wouldn’t happen. But we dutifully, by law, protect them from the airbag by putting them in the back where we can’t really see them and then we ignore them while we talk on the phone.

We created no memory of putting them back there because we had a phone jammed between shoulder and ear while we loaded them up, our minds elsewhere. Carting them around is considered a chore, not an opportunity, and our only ideas seem to be based on more technology rather than more parenting.

Tom Massey, Waxhaw

Action needed on mass shootings

Regarding “Festival shooting claims 2 children, 25-year-old man” (July 30) and related articles:

Another shooting. I offer my thoughts and prayers to those who offer their thoughts and prayers to victims who know that thoughts and prayers are not enough without action.

Ben Sharpton, Waxhaw