Letters to the Editor

To stem party decline, Republican leaders must say what I hope is in their hearts

It’s clear why GOP is losing its grip

Regarding “Can a Republican win again in Charlotte?” (Aug. 6 Opinion):

I read Kenny Smith’s op-ed with great interest. He’s right. The Republican Party is losing its grip on our state and local government.

However, I find it hard to believe he doesn’t seem to understand why this is happening.

The Republican Party of today has surrendered itself to the current president. It has becoming clear to many voters that if you have an “R” by your name you blindly support everything this man says and does.

Until today’s remaining Republicans say what I sincerely hope is really in their hearts their numbers will continue to decline.

Jack Matthews, Charlotte

Bishop is wrong about gun violence

Regarding “In NC 9th District, Bishop and McCready differ on last weekend’s mass shootings,” (Aug. 5):

Dumont Clarke.JPG
Dumont Clarke

Gun violence is “new” in America? Republican 9th District candidate Dan Bishop is a very smart guy, but where did he come up with that one?

It would be correct to say mass shootings with more powerful guns and ammunition have increased recently both in number of shootings and number of innocent persons dying, but I am old enough to remember distinctly the University of Texas Tower shooter who killed 16 people in 1966, including himself.

Columbine High School shooting happened 20 years ago, Virginia Tech 12, and Aurora Theater seven.

A “new” phenomenon is one that has recently come into existence. Gun violence in America does not fit anyone’s definition of “new.”

Dumont Clarke, Charlotte

Affordable mental health care needed

Concerning gun violence and the various suggestions for solutions: One aspect we keep hearing about is the major influence of mental health issues.

John Pluckhahn.JPG
John Pluckhahn

I checked my prescription plan and see that all medicine related to mental health are in Tier 3 or 4 levels, which are the most expensive.

Why not put all this medicine in Tier 1 and provide for free or at a nominal fee.

It obviously will not fix everything, but it couldn’t help but help one aspect of the complicated problem.

John Pluckhahn, Charlotte

Curb violence through tolerance

I have no doubt that the young shooter in El Paso was emulating the hateful rhetoric of nationalism and white supremacy espoused by President Trump. Until our conversation in this country turns to acceptance and respect for “others” we will continue to experience violence.

Louise Goodnight, Charlotte

McConnell: a one man roadblock

This is about Sen. Mitch McConnell. We have a gun problem in the U.S. that is causing unprecedented mass killings.

There has been a gun legislation bill approved by the House. McConnell will not allow the bill to reach the Senate floor for a vote.

One man can block a bill that could help with gun violence and the killings of thousands of innocent people.

As a nation we cannot move forward because of one man`s dictatorship. How is this right in a democracy?

Claude Savage, Charlotte

I’ve got a stadium plan for Tepper

Regarding “I trust Tepper with a new stadium” (Aug. 6 Forum):

I also trust that David Tepper will build a great new stadium in Charlotte that will make lots of money.

But if Charlotte taxpayers are going to invest in building that new stadium, they should get a proportional slice of the profits it generates.

As a venture capitalist, Tepper will understand that model.

Hank Durkin, Charlotte

I want to feel safe at Panthers’ camp

We enjoy taking the kids and our grandson to Panthers training camp — it has become a yearly tradition.

I am concerned about the lack of security out there.

I went out of my way to be sure the hosts would check my bag. There are no metal detectors, no wanding. People just wander through.

There are millions of dollars of athletes on the field, not to mention the bank of media working there. The hillside is full of people and families relaxing on blankets and enjoying the show.

Food for thought going forward-particularly in light of the fact that a new training facility is in the works.

Jerry McQuay, Charlotte