Letters to the Editor

Get gerrymandering under control and reform campaign finance

I want the power of my vote back

Regarding “4 ex-NC governors urge end to partisan gerrymandering,” (Aug. 9):

I think we all realize, at this point, that both parties are guilty of all sorts of “political charades.”

The question is which party is going to step up and quit acting like the little kid down the street who whines to his mom that “Mikey did it, why can’t I?”

Maybe if someone figures out how to get gerrymandering under control, along with major reforms to campaign financing, I may actually just get the power of my vote back!

Jayne Knight, Belmont

I support Trump, a weapons ban

I am a Trump supporter. I don’t like what he says. I like what he does.

I see no reason for assault-type firearms being made available to the public. If they are in the public domain, somehow those who want to commit mass shootings will find a way to possess them.

This is not the only solution to the problem, but it should have some positive effect.

Doug Hunter, Charlotte

NRA rejects solutions out of hand

Why do these shootings keep happening, yet politicians act paralyzed to do anything to lessen the threat?

Sure, these awful acts of violence are complex, but there is confidence in many factors that motivate the majority white, young males to carry out horrific killings.

Yet, the NRA immediately rejects any reasonable proposal and seems to control elected officials even though most Americans agree concrete actions are needed to curtail the ever frequent and more deadly shootings.

You know the situation is fraught when other countries warn their citizens about traveling to the U.S. and bulletproof backpacks are a top-seller in back-to-school shopping.

James Cook, Gastonia

Fix on guns is not rocket science

Vicki Taylor.jpg
Vicki Taylor

Reasons for mass shootings:

Certain mental health issues: Maybe.

Violent video games: Maybe.

Nasty Hollywood culture and movies: Maybe.

Disaffected young men: Maybe.

Online sympathizers: Maybe.

Easy availability of assault weapons: Definitely.

Without the last one the other ones don’t result in mass shootings. Not rocket science.

Vicki Taylor, Troutman

Dem leaders are inciting hate

If you wonder where all this hatred is coming from, one only needs to look at the leadership of the Democratic party.

Just listen to the hateful and inciting rhetoric of the Democratic candidates. Watch the protests. Watch the media.

There has never been a time in history when so many inflammatory stories, opinions and outright lies have thrown fuel on the fire of hatred.

I suspect that most of the intelligent Democrats must be ashamed and embarrassed by the behavior of their party.

What they spew is picked up by the media as fact and adds more fuel to the fire of hatred. Where is the civility?

John Laurents, Matthews

NC leaders weak on hate crimes

As I assessed N.C. Congressional representatives’ responses to inquiries regarding hate crimes, I found many of them to be wimpy — no response, vague, or toothless.

The closest to something more specific and potentially helpful are Rep. Alma Adams’ suggestions regarding oversight over the Department of Justice to enforce existing laws (good luck with that) and to prosecute white supremacist violence.

I don’t have the answers, either, but it is our representatives’ job to have the willingness to try regardless of re-election considerations.

Kay Lane, Charlotte

Willpower needed on climate change

Regarding “UN climate report: Change land use to avoid a hungry future,” (Aug. 8):

Richard Greene.jpg
Richard Greene

We are easily distracted. The big disaster that we face is global warming that will affect our food supply, the water supply, disease trends, and the migration of billions of people away from lands that are becoming non-habitable.

The distractions are real and graphic: blood on the streets and politicians who lie 10,000 times.

We need to implement effective solutions to global warming, such as a carbon fee and dividend, before it is too late.

And we need to help those who have already suffered. We need the political willpower in spite of all the distractions.

Richard Greene, Charlotte