Letters to the Editor

Get the rocks out of your shoes, NC politicians. Fix voting machine issues now.

Return to paper ballots is obvious

Regarding “NC is voting on obsolete machines. That should change before 2020” (Aug. 19 Opinion):.

Having legitimate confidence in our election process is not about party.

It doesn’t take much smarts to figure out that paper ballots that can’t be hacked are essential for that confidence.

C’mon you politicians, get the rocks out of your shoes and get moving. The 2020 election is looming.

Mimi Vollum, Charlotte

Same old tired excuses from Tillis

I submitted a letter to Sen. Thom Tillis requesting that he approach Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring the bipartisan gun reform bill passed by the U.S. House to the Senate floor for debate.

I received a form letter back that did not address my request, but instead recommended we first address the root cause of gun violence, “metal” (sic) health.

Tired, inaccurate, delay-tactic excuses are no longer acceptable. We need a change in 2020.

Jim McCauley, Concord

Mental health is the real issue

I remember April 15, 1995, when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Bill Hite.JPG
Bill Hite

He did not use a gun to kill 168 people and injure 680 more. No, he used diesel fuel and fertilizer. I don’t recall a rush to ban either.

The point is anyone with mental health issues, who decides to inflict death and injuries, can do so without the aid of a gun.

If the politicians spent half the time on mental health they do on trying to impeach or blame Donald Trump for the shootings, then maybe we could stop some of the bloodshed.

Until we address the real problem we are going to continue to see more carnage.

Bill Hite, Indian Land

My message for anti-vaxxers

Regarding “NC’s growing anti-vaxxer problem,” (Aug. 19 Editorial):

Here we go again. As a pediatrician who practiced in the olden days, I would urge any parents who are considering skipping “shots” for their children to listen to a recording of a child with whooping cough.

Just search “whopping cough Mayo Clinic” on YouTube.

Imagine listening to that not for 10 minutes, but for hours on end, day after day. No shots? Really?

Dr. R.T. Lucas Jr., Charlotte

Trump may be right about economy

Donald Trump warned everyone, at a recent rally, that if we didn’t vote for him in 2020 our 401-Ks, the stock market,, and the economy would go down the tubes.

Barry Marshall

That sort of reminded me of my mother telling me lovingly that if I didn’t take the medicine she was trying to give me, I would get sicker than I already was.

What Trump is telling us might be true, but how I wish that Trump trying to give me this foul-tasting economic medicinal choice was a much sweeter person — just like my mom.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Trump sided with white supremacists

Those who don’t believe President Trump is or supports white supremacists need only listen to the organizer of the white supremacist rally in Portland last weekend.

He considers the Proud Boys march a success because Trump sided with the white supremacists. Joe Biggs, the organizer, is quoted as saying: “Go look at President Trump’s Twitter. He talked about Portland, said he’s watching antifa. That’s all we wanted. We wanted national attention, and we got it. Mission success.”

Not one word about the Proud Boys; once again Trump exhibited support of white supremacy, this time with his silence.

This is not Democrats vs. Republicans.

This is simply a president who continues to divide our great nation and run on a platform of hate.

David Brenner, Charlotte

Let’s find out who’s really lying

Regarding “Emotions and impeachment” (Aug. 12 Opinion):

President Bill Clinton faced one count of obstruction of justice relating to a consensual affair.

Special counsel Robert Mueller outlined 10 possible charges against Donald Trump, two of which pit Trump’s word against that of his own White House counsel, Don McGahn.

Would McGahn just have made up a story that would place him in jeopardy of perjury and incarceration? Probably not.

So let’s find out who is really lying and then take the appropriate action.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte