Letters to the Editor

The long list of charges and infractions against these candidates makes me sad

That’s a sad batch of local candidates

Regarding “Time in prison, and the other legal problems of Charlotte candidates,” (Aug. 25):

Jerome “Jerry” Miller.jpg
Jerry Miller

Possession of stolen property, worthless checks, foreclosures, bankruptcies, state prison, identity theft, obtaining property under false pretenses, larceny, resisting arrest, IRS tax liens, state tax liens, money judgments, evictions from public housing, Calif. tax liens, New York money judgments — all against current City Council members or candidates for Council and mayor.

These people are leading and wanting to lead our great city.

The good news is there are no ax murderers. How sad. Total irresponsibility.

Jerry Miller, Charlotte

Break up CMS for improved safety

As a grandmother of two CMS students, I was shocked, saddened and angry reading “Parents say CMS got wind of volunteer – long before police say he abused their child.” (Aug. 20)

There is absolutely no excuse for Ricardo Mata having access to any CMS student.

What went wrong here?

CMS is too large to successfully run the schools. It’s time to break up the system allowing better oversight and safeguards.

I pray that the families involved prevail in their lawsuit and that changes are implemented to protect all children against school violence and sexual assault.

Parents, it’s time to demand a change.

Cissy Carr, Charlotte

We’re paying dearly for bridge delay

I’m both pleased and angry about the recent $11.5 million rail trail pedestrian bridge announcement.

I recall when it got nixed from the 2007 rail bridge project because the $2.5 million cost was deemed too high, despite all the visionary talk about implementing urban pedestrian/bike friendly connectivity.

My Dilworth neighborhood has lobbied the city for decades to improve access for our walk/bike commuters. Better late than never, I suppose, but we’re paying dearly for dragging our feet.

Steve Hofstatter, Charlotte

Trump’s Greenland idea has merit

One hundred-fifty-plus years ago the purchase of Alaska for $7 million was dubbed Seward’s Folly.

He was the laughing stock of America. And as Alaska says, “Take a look at me now!”

Greenland is now being referred to as Trump’s Folly. Seward was an extraordinary visionary, and just perhaps so is Trump.

His many foibles aside, this is not his folly. Strategically, Greenland makes some sense. Let’s giddy-up!

Ken May, Charlotte

I’m a swing voter; here are my issues

I am a moderate, 42-year-old, white man. I have voted both Republican and Democrat. I am the very definition of a swing voter.

The following three issues are the top threats to our way of life.

White supremacy is a domestic terrorism threat and should be treated as such.

Foreign interference in our elections also threatens our democracy.

Finally, we need common sense gun laws. It is time to close the background check loopholes, enact red flag laws, hold law enforcement accountable for its failures, and ban high-capacity magazines.

When will our representatives do their jobs and protect us from these threats?

Joseph Reynard, Mount Holly

Shortsighted decision on abortion

Linda J. Brooks.jpg
Linda J. Brooks

Regarding “New Trump rule will limit women’s access to health care, birth control” (Aug. 23 Editorial):

Barring Title X money for providing information about a legal procedure is beyond preposterous.

This shortsighted decision may make those “holier-than-thou” people gloat, but what help will they provide those unfortunate women who have children they can’t provide for?

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

I’m done tolerating Trump pain

So now Sen. Lindsay Graham wants the American public to endure the “pain” as a result of President Trump’s trade fiasco with China.

For the last three years the American public has endured the pain from the decisions made by this ruthless and misguided politician and will not, nor cannot, tolerate it any more. I hope that after the 2020 election Graham will follow him out the door, looking for more appropriate work far outside the political arena.

Larry Vogt, Mooresville