Letters to the Editor

What NC Republican legislative leaders did was underhanded and deceitful

Losers in this game? The people of NC

Kudos to the Republican leadership of the state legislature for out-maneuvering Democrats to get their way. They’re the winners!

Too bad the people of North Carolina are the losers.

Too bad the only way the leadership could achieve its goal was to be underhanded and deceitful, instead of playing fairly and negotiating.

May no Republican ever need medical care they cannot afford, may they never need to support themselves on a teacher’s salary, and may they never need the vote of a single Democrat.

April Gunning, Charlotte

Dems set the precedent in 2005

The Observer’s editorial attacking “shameless” and “conniving” Republicans lacked historical context.

In 2005, Democratic leaders in the state legislature took advantage of an opponent’s honeymoon to approve the state lottery.

With widespread public disagreement over whether North Carolina should be in the lottery business, Democrats kept coming up a vote or two short to approve it. So they hatched a plan and recessed the legislature, knowing a Republican member planned to use the recess to go on his honeymoon.

As soon as his cruise ship left port, they called legislators back to Raleigh and approved the bill with no votes to spare. The precedent was set.

Tom L. Bowers, Charlotte

Speaker Moore did nothing wrong

No one can honestly blame N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore of exercising his right to move forward with a vote to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto.

Moore did nothing wrong or improper in this call to override the veto.

Being asleep at the wheel is the fault of the Democrats, not the Republican majority or the Speaker who just knows the “rules of procedure” better than the Democrats.

Hughie Sexton, Weddington

Technically legal, but morally wrong

N.C. House Republicans please justify your scheme to lie to Democrats so your Republican colleagues could hold the override vote while Democrats were gone.

Whether the vote even complied with House rules is irrelevant. Some things can be technically “legal” but morally wrong.

Ends do not justify means. People with moral compasses know they must play the game fairly and honorably, even if that means sometimes you’ll lose.

Dan Hansen, Indian Trail

Vote has me thinking of thieves, honor

It appears that there is not only “no honor among thieves,” but also state legislators.

John Huson, Charlotte

NC is making Tennessee look good

Wow. And I thought our Tennessee politicians were gutless and shameful. But just when it seems as though they couldn’t get more despicable, the North Carolina Republican Party finds ever new ways to top itself. Unbelievable!

Jonathan Wright, Seymour, Tenn.

Guns and times have changed since 1791

Here we are in 2019, still using the Second Amendment to defend the rights of people to own semi-automatic weapons.

Long before we as a nation had a military to defend our country, our citizens were expected to take their black powder muskets in defense of our land. Times have certainly changed since 1791. We now have multiple branches of the military to defend our nation.

Our founding fathers could not have envisioned a time when weapons of mass destruction would be used to terrorize our nation’s people.

Pam Hodge, Charlotte

Expect Dems to keep going after Trump

Desperate Democrats want to impeach President Trump.

Howard Honeycutt.jpg
Howard Honeycutt

They lost the 2016 election, wasted everyone’s time on the failed Russia fiasco, and did not get a desired negative result from the Mueller hearing.

They have nothing to counter Trump’s outstanding jobs, unemployment, and economic successes. They fear what may be uncovered by the investigators investigating the investigators.

Voters should not be deceived, as these negative attacks will continue until the 2020 election.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Wake up to Trump’s delusional ways

Mark Sumwalt.jpg
Mark Sumwalt

A person who refuses to admit a mistake is a narcissist. A person who refuses to admit that he has ever made a single mistake is delusional. The mere fact that a person is delusional every day does not make him any less delusional, only more so.

Do I need to say more? Wake up, America, before it is it late.

Mark Sumwalt, Charlotte