Letters to the Editor

That’s it. No more unethical GOP moves for me. I’m leaving the party.

Count me out of the Republican Party

North Carolina has a strong history in helping shape our nation, beginning with the Revolutionary War. Wednesday was the first time I’ve been ashamed to be a native of our state.

The call by House Republicans for a veto override vote, after insinuating none would occur, was unethical on many levels.

The process may have been legal, but defies government of and by the people. This vote does not reflect the people’s wishes, and would have failed in full legislature.

If our state Republicans will pursue this oppression, it may be time for another revolution. I, for one, am starting by leaving the Republican Party.

David M. Knoble, Charlotte

The victims of Moore’s subterfuge

Again we have Republicans who wish to ignore the needs, such as Medicaid expansion, of their poorer constituents.

They must know that living without health insurance is difficult, but they don’t care. Working-class and poor people have no influence, no deals to make, and no campaign contributions to offer, unlike lobbyists, corporate tycoons, and the “movers and shakers” in our state.

The subterfuge in which House Speaker Tim Moore engaged is unconscionable. He should be ashamed.

Cynthia Holiny, Gastonia

More hyperbolic absurdity on guns

Regarding Leonard Pitts “Those of us who want gun sanity must demand it,” (Sept. 13 Opinion):

That Leonard Pitts claims the GOP’s conviction is “that all people must have access to all guns in all places at all times” is hyperbolic absurdity. This type of sweeping statement taints every person who owns a gun and obfuscates the legitimate discussion needed to solve the nation’s gun problem.

I am an elderly widow. Some years ago when Joe Biden told us to “buy a shotgun,” I did just that. I’ll give it up (maybe) when all of the politicians give up their armed guards.

Norma Horvitz, Linville

Lightning speed on vaping, but not guns

Ed Hinson.jpg
Ed Hinson

Evidence is emerging that too much vaping is risky to health. So with lightening speed, our president and his team are ready to outlaw vaping altogether.

The vaping industry needs rebranding. Call those little devices assault weapons — then no matter how many people die you can sell them to anybody anytime.

Life in America is allegedly precious to our current political leaders, unless it’s ended by a gun.

Ed Hinson, Charlotte

Support more than the 2nd Amendment

The First Amendment guarantees a free press. Yet, daily, Trump and his administration do everything within their power to undermine the press and convince the citizenry that journalists are an enemy of the people.

The First Amendment also establishes freedom of religion, yet politicians and private citizens alike consistently villainize anyone who doesn’t believe in white Jesus.

The Fifteenth Amendment prohibits the denial of voting rights based on race, yet the GOP has a long history of using questionably “legal” methods to do just this.

Why is the Second Amendment the only one some people seem to care about?

Laura Stinson, Charlotte

Time to turn NC 12 into a toll road

Ed Carlson.JPG
Ed Carlson

Hurricane Dorian served as a timely reminder that nature controls the Outer Banks. How many hundreds of millions have been spent to maintain N.C. 12 and the eroded coastline? Now is the time to get serious about making N.C. 12 a “toll road.” Let those who benefit from its use bear the financial burden of maintenance.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Another scar on the Charlotte landscape

Twenty feet behind my home is a construction project which should never have been allowed so close to residences.

I don’t care if this is for luxury houses, penthouses or affordable housing, it has destroyed the tree canopy and plant life, killed or displaced the wildlife, and left a huge scar on the landscape.

It will soon be covered by asphalt and buildings too large for the site.

Can Charlotte not agree to preserve its beautiful natural areas? Every undeveloped property should not be an opportunity for the city to pave it over.

I invite the City Council members who voted for this construction to spend an hour at the fence 20 feet from our homes and experience what we are dealing with. Don’t forget to bring a surgical mask to screen out all the red dust.

Kirsten Horsley, Charlotte