Letters to the Editor

War with Iran? Trump would love an excuse for military action to fire up his base

Many reasons not to back the Saudis

Why on earth would we be talking about attacking Iran in order to help out Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is where the 9/11 terrorists came from. Their government murdered respected journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The women there are treated like property.

Saudi Arabia has bought millions of dollars worth of military equipment from us. They can take care of themselves.

The real reason is that President Trump would love an excuse for military action to fire up his base in time for 2020.

Seth Bernanke, Charlotte

Let Congress, not Trump, declare war

The U.S. Constitution states that only Congress has the power to declare war.

The main problem with this is that they do not define exactly what “war” is.

The last war that Congress actually declared was WWII. Since then, we’ve had the Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, and the Iraq War and Afghanistan War, with tens of thousands of casualties.

These are our parents, siblings, children and friends.

We can’t allow this president, alone, to have the power to get the U.S. in a war with Iran, especially with his known affiliations with Saudi Arabia.

David McCauley, Charlotte

Dems, just admit defeat, like Cam

Losing has taken on a different meaning today. Losing is screaming and yelling so the loser can get on camera and social media, like Rep. Deb Butler.

Ann Marie Lloyd.JPG
Ann Marie Lloyd

No one likes to lose. The Democrats refuse to accept that Donald Trump won. They are still spending millions of our dollars on probes, investigations and inquiries, hoping to win with impeachment.

Liberals, just admit defeat, gear up for the next election or game, just like Cam does.

Ann Marie Lloyd, Charlotte

At least the Times ran a clarification

Regarding “Still smearing Kavanaugh,” (Sept. 19 Opinion):

William C. Barnes.jpg
William Barnes

Is this op-ed about the media smearing Brett Kavanaugh or Marc Thiessen smearing the New York Times?

In the current environment there is plenty of slap-dash writing and sloppy (or nonexistent) editing on every side to go around.

We really need to be concerned about media outlets that unabashedly flog one story or one viewpoint that’s been proven to be out of the mainstream. At least the Times followed up with a clarification.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte

Vote out fiscally incompetent leaders

As a PhD in economics, I feel our legislators and leader are leading us to doom. We are $22 trillion in debt. Our annual debt service is far more than most of us can even imagine being able to pay.

We elected these fiscally incompetent people who are leading our nation into insolvency.

Tax cuts are great if you can afford same, but when you cannot they’re an example of very poor leadership. America needs financially astute leadership, not the incompetent “yes people” we have.

We must demand accountability.

Douglas B. Sherrow, Mint Hill

I like Duke Energy’s new approach

Regarding “Duke Energy pledges zero carbon emissions by 2050, in a further move away from coal,” (Sept. 17):

Don Schonder 2019.jpg
Don Schonder

I’m excited by Duke Energy’s commitment to zero carbon by 2050.

Duke’s approach is on point: short term, replace coal with gas; intermediate term, continue large nuclear and develop renewables; and longer term, utilize smaller, modular nuclear reactors for scale-able and geographic flexibility.

I’d be ecstatic if they engaged Bill Gate’s TerraPower, with federal support. Their design has very low environmental risk, and uses spent nuclear waste from current plants as its fuel. Win-win.

Don Schonder, Charlotte

I see an incompetent justice system

According to “NC man arrested near Carowinds for drugs had 43 pending warrants.” (Sept. 16), Gavin Parks was arrested near Carowinds for drug crimes. It was determined he had 43 outstanding arrest warrants and was wanted for 12 years.

He’s been in and out of the Mecklenburg and York County jails and released by magistrates and sheriffs. He’s also been in and out of the N.C. Corrections Department. He was arrested and released in Mecklenburg three times in 2017 and 2018.

Doesn’t anybody ever check for outstanding warrants anymore?

Arthur Selby, Mint Hill