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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.09.15

Russ Olson
Russ Olson

In response to “Honor vets: Abolish the VA” (June 4 Viewpoint):

Don’t kill VA over isolated incidents

As a Vietnam veteran who receives care from the VA, I took umbrage at LeRoy Goldman’s column. He used pejorative language and unsubstantiated claims in attacking the VA. He appeared to cherry-pick various ill-defined incidents over the VA’s long history to build a case for its dismantlement.

Given the VA’s size, its patient workload and its far-flung system of medical facilities, it would be surprising if there were no mistakes or instances of botched treatment.

The VA is generally serving veterans well. Mistakes have occurred, and reform is underway. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water by abolishing it.

Russ Olson


Which of these procedures is not like the other?

Acute appendix? Surgery now. Broken leg? Set and cast as soon as possible. Heart attack and need for an arterial splint? Emergency! Undesired or life-threatening pregnancy? Think about it, come back in three days, and we’ll provide the medical service you requested.

Why should this legal surgical procedure be the only one with a government-mandated waiting period? Ask our misinformed and misogynistic legislature, but don’t expect a reasonable, believable or intelligent response.

William J. Wortman Jr., MD


Red Cross shows how vigilant we must be in giving money

The Red Cross’ failed efforts in Haiti are sad and infuriating. It reminds us that an organization’s reputation does not ensure that our money is spent as intended.

This does not mean we should abandon charitable giving. It does mean we must be far more painstaking in what we give to whom.

Robert W. Shirley


Schaffer would do away with sheriffs’ background checks

Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer says HB 562 is “designed to strengthen background checks” on gun purchasers.

What parallel universe does she live in? This bill would eliminate background checks and concealed carry permits issued by sheriffs. The NICS system, used by gun retailers, does not catch situations local law enforcement might know of such as domestic abuse, assaults or other situations. Why does Rep. Schaffer not trust sheriffs in issuing these permits?

Bonner Mills

Mount Holly

In response to “The NCAA takes a swing at UNC” (June 6 Opinion):

Let’s call the college athletics elephant what it is

We have to acknowledge out loud what we all are thinking: Our universities are tying themselves in knots for the sake of Top 10 football rankings.

Banish the student-athlete meme, and let Chapel Hill license the use of the stadium and the school colors to whatever group wants to use them. Should a 300-pound nose tackle stumble into a class on poetry or physics, then let him in.

Steve Craig


A Toyota, Gov.? Celebrate I-485 completion with U.S. brand

I was happy I-485 was completed. I was unhappy our governor made a big deal about driving a Japanese car on it.

When I travel to the N.C. coast I see a lot of Midwest families who work for or benefit from the Big 3 car-makers vacationing and spending money. I have yet to see large contingents of Japanese families vacationing on the coast.

Moreover, the domestics have a bigger supplier network in North Carolina, meaning more jobs and revenue for us here.

So, why would he promote Toyota over a U.S. car company?

Bill Hirzel


In response to “Contract awarded for Zoo Connector” (June 6):

When you’re sitting in I-77 traffic, think of the Zoo

So little ol’ Asheboro is getting a 15-mile bypass and “Zoo connector” for $244 million. With no money to be had to solve real highway congestion around Charlotte, I say the real Zoo is in Raleigh, not Asheboro.

Brad Frazier

Iron Station