Letters to the Editor

McConnell needs to get on board with bipartisan bill to control drug prices

Stop stonewalling on high drug prices

A bipartisan bill giving Medicare the right to negotiate with drug manufacturers to lower prices has been rejected by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as “socialistic price controls.”

Vincent Keipper, MD.JPG
Vincent Keipper

He has no problem with private insurance doing this. Why not let our government do the same and save our tax dollars?

Even president Trump approves of the idea. It was one of his many campaign promises.

Some Americans cannot afford life-saving medications that are sold by the same companies abroad at a fraction of the cost. A cynic might suspect drug company dollars are behind the lack of support of this sensible idea.

Vince Keipper, Concord

OK with me if Trump goes after Biden

Jim Cherry Crop.jpg
Jim Cherry

Regarding “Trump suggests he discussed Biden with Ukraine president,” (Sept. 23):

Donald Trump has every right to question issues concerning Joe Biden’s son and a Ukrainian gas company.

For three years mud balls have been thrown at our president and nothing has stuck.

President Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to tell Putin “After my election I have more flexibility.”

Politics is a blood sport and Republicans have been slow in playing this game.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

What Trump did is impeachable offense

Michael A. Clark.jpg
Michael A. Clark

Donald Trump’s blatant efforts to coerce Ukraine into discrediting Joe Biden are impeachable offenses.

Trump has shown no respect for the Constitution, which he pledged to protect and serve. Nor is there any doubt the Trump administration is devoted to fighting all efforts to hold him accountable for his actions.

The Republican Party has allowed this to happen. We the people will have to do the hard work ourselves of removing this blemish from our national politics, through the democratic process which Trump so willfully corrupts.

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

Status quo Biden can’t beat Trump

Joe Biden is another center-right Democrat who promises that “nothing would fundamentally change” if he were elected president.

We learned in 2016 that a message of complacence is not a winning message.

If the Democrats nominate another establishment candidate based on Obama nostalgia alone, Trump will win another election.

Appealing to the status quo will not win the presidency in today’s fragmented, alienated society.

To have a chance at defeating Trump, it is imperative that Democrats nominate a candidate who actually plans to do something about the social and economic issues plaguing our country.

Lewis Benston, Charlotte

City too slow to act on mass transit

The lack of mass public transport in Charlotte is beginning to become one our biggest issues.

The fact that we only have one usable rail line when the Charlotte metro area is approaching 2.5 million people is laughable.

This is compounded by the fact that other public transport solutions like the bus lanes down Independence Boulevard remain closed or underutilized.

As a city, we can continue to put Band-Aids on our traffic problem, but we won’t see any meaningful progress until we start to see rail to other major population centers like Fort Mill, Mooresville, Matthews and Gastonia.

We can put in as many toll lanes as we wish, but incentivizing people not to drive only works if they have another option.

Jack zumBrunnen, Charlotte

Visitors, beware of Charlotte drivers

To visitors of our fair city - welcome. A word of warning: If you travel Harris Boulevard from Hickory Grove to N.C. 49, or in the other direction, take care. If you follow the posted speed limit or stop when the light turns yellow — let alone red — you are in danger of being rear-ended.

Tim Mead, Charlotte

A little football between TV ads

Trying to watch the Panthers on Sunday was like watching a long-running commercial with a little football thrown in to keep you glued to the TV.

I did not even get to see the Panthers first touchdown because of a three-minute commercial.

This borders on ridiculous.

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

How about that backup QB!

Regarding “Panthers have their slow-starting season saved by the back-up” (Sept. 22) and related articles:

I’m glad Cam Newton has a fashion career to fall back on! Go Kyle!

Jack Lane, Charlotte