Letters to the Editor

Yes, investigate Trump’s actions, but spare me the liberal hypocrisy

Liberal hypocrisy on Trump is deafening

Liberal pundits say that 60 percent of Americans want the Trump Ukraine investigation to proceed; I am one of them.

Barry Marshall

However, the liberal hypocrisy is deafening. Where were the Democrats when Hillary Clinton hid her computer server, unprotected, in her closet?

Please don’t give me that “that was then and this is now” malarkey. If you’re now going to judge Trump, convince me that you will judge him the way you would if the shoe was on the other foot.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Trump’s accusers aren’t the problem

Dianne Mason.jpg
Dianne Mason

Republicans in Congress had no problem impeaching Bill Clinton for having sex with an intern, but are aghast that Democrats have launched a probe into Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president seeking interference in our 2020 election.

Trump whines about “presidential abuse” and endless investigations, having conveniently forgotten the six Republican investigations into Benghazi and those concerning the Clinton Foundation. And the president and U.S. attorney general are still investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Whenever someone tries to hold Trump accountable for his blatant disregard for the Constitution, he cries “fake news,” “witch hunt,” and says “the deep state” is out to get him.

At some point, we must realize that he’s the problem, not those who call him out.

Dianne Mason, Charlotte

I see right through the Dems’ hate

For the last three years the Democrats have had a suspect, but they keep searching for a crime.

They found no joy in the Mueller report or anything else, but keep pursuing anything to pin on our president, whose accomplishments are extraordinary — with no help from these obstructionists.

The loyal American people see right through their hate.

Harmon James, Denver, N.C.

America needs stronger leadership

Jack Bennett.jpg
Jack Bennett

Senators like Thom Tillis and Richard Burr slither throughout Congress degrading Democrats for revealing truths, while hiding in their offices afraid of the Trump regime.

America needs leaders who uphold the Constitution, not deceivers who hide transcripts and redact names and words under the ruse of national security. Republicans who advocate for the rule of law and who aren’t afraid of losing their jobs should be looked up to within their party.

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

City leaders must address gun issues

Regarding the Observer “Dismissed” series, (Sept. 29):

Kudos to the Observer reporters and editors who put together the report on gun crimes in Charlotte.

What a shock to learn 68 percent of the gun crimes go unpunished.

There is no question why our crime rate is so high. District Attorney Spencer Merriweather and his prosecutors must do a better job.

Our community deserves to feel safer than we do at present. The mayor should be looking for answers. This issue should be a priority on the city’s agenda.

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte

A broader view on gun solutions

We’ve been down the “tough on crime” route before and it has resulted in a massive prison industrial system rife with bias against people of color.

As part of this series I hope you will consider other factors that may be contributing to these patterns of criminal behavior, such as ease of access to guns, absence of gun safety laws, and lack of education and opportunities for people who turn to crime for pride and profit.

What if, instead of locking people up after a first offense, we took away their guns, offered training for a viable profession, gave them access to affordable housing, and required community service to foster a sense of belonging and self-worth?

Such a holistic approach might cost less, reduce violent crime, and benefit everyone more in the long term.

Suzanne Churchill, Davidson

Calls for more gun laws are pointless

Thanks to the Observer’s recent series, when I read a report about an armed robbery or other gun involved crime I will know that chances are the gun charges will be dismissed.

Now when I read a report about a murder involving a gun I will assume the perpetrator was probably arrested several times on gun charges only to have the charges dismissed.

I will also know that calls for more gun laws are pointless because the existing gun laws are not being enforced.

Peter McLean, Rock Hill