Letters to the Editor

Trump is abandoning Kurds who fought and bled with the US against the Islamic State

Trump’s about-face in Syria is wrong

Regarding “US troops start pullout from along Turkey’s border in Syria,” (Oct. 7):

So the U.S. government turns its back on Kurdish militias in northern Syria after those militias played a big part in defeating the Islamic State militants in that country.

Last January, President Trump threatened to “devastate Turkey economically” if it attacked Kurdish forces.

Pentagon officials are on record recommending we not withdraw from Syria, even after victory over the Islamic State has been declared, as it is still a very unsettled place.

Nevertheless, Trump has decided to abandon those who fought and bled with us, so that President Erdogan of Trukey can send in the Turkish army.

To get this about-face from the U.S., I have to wonder did Erdogan agree to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden?

Jim Senter, Rougemont

Put tax increase to better use

On the quarter-cent increase in the sales tax that is coming up for a vote in November, it seems certain priorities should take top billing.

Our county medic service — which serves all of us, not just a segment of our community — is owed $28.7 million from people past due on ambulance bills. Why not utilize the tax to help pay down the debt?

I am also a great advocate of the Arts & Science Council and sat on the Discovery Place board for three years. Whichever way this tax goes, we should look very carefully at the salaries the leadership of the nonprofits are making.

Stuart Malter, Charlotte

Shootings scare me away from uptown

Regarding “CEO who was shot uptown has died, police say” (Oct. 6):

I was shocked and saddened to read that CEO John Waldron Holaday has died from his gunshot wound.

I heard a CMPD officer say that the person who shot him made a “bad” decision. I’ll say!

Until this shoot’em up mentality is changed, these tragic “bad” decisions will continue.

I’ve made a decision — and that is to steer clear of Charlotte.

Kathy Bumgardner, Denver, N.C

Incentives to get guns off streets

Where are the programs to get guns off of the street?

There are many people walking around with weapons that use them at the slightest provocation. The number of shootings continues to grow and the impact on society is tremendous.

Local leaders need to implement some major programs to provide incentives to decrease the number of weapons.

Dean Gross, Waxhaw

NC Constitution needs to change

Frank McGuirt.jpeg
Frank McGuirt

Sunday’s editorial, “A state superintendent who wants to be a czar” points out once again that our state Constitution should be amended to clarify who’s in charge.

An elected official answering to an appointed board makes no sense and neither does a governor dabbling in the bailiwick of another Constitutional officer.

The only way to bring order to this chaos is a Constitutional amendment.

Frank McGuirt, Wingate

McConnell is the one who is pre-judging

Regarding “McConnell vows to stop impeachment in fundraising video” (Oct. 7):

Republicans in Congress and other Trump supporters have bashed Democrats for prejudice and a rush to judgment in the impeachment process.

Yet, we see Mitch McConnell running a campaign ad to raise money and ensure his supporters that he will stop the impeachment process in the Senate.

That is pre-judgment, prejudicial, for sure.

The trial in the Senate should bring out evidence for wrong-doing, then and only then, should judgment be rendered.

McConnell is unworthy of his position for taking such a stance.

Kent Rhodes, Charlotte

Got a laugh out of Tesla story

Regarding “US safety agency gathering info on Tesla parking lot feature,” (Oct 3):

I found this article comical!

Seems that when most people drive in a private parking lot they are going in every direction. Now, we have an automobile that drives very slowly with eight eyes watching on all sides for safety and it is considered unsafe.

Perhaps the owners of the parking lots should require the human drivers to follow the rules while negotiating lots.

I’m sure the current noblemen in the oil aristocracy are really digging to find trash on a powerful new technology.

Paul Nowosielski, Wingate