Letters to the Editor

I feel like I’m being asked to sign a blank check for the proposed sales tax increase

Like being asked to sign a blank check

I think it is unconscionable that we the taxpayers are asked to sign a blank check for a quarter-cent sales tax increase with no clear mention in the vote as to how it will be used.

I would vote “no” for the arts and “yes” for parks and recreation.

It seems the Arts & Science Council is determined to get people who will never use their product to pay for it anyway, in spite of much more pressing needs. And our politicians go along with them like blind sheep.

Arthur Selby, Mint Hill

Tax value for stadium is a bargain

Regarding “County slashes value of Panthers stadium by $100 million” (Oct. 7)... If the Panthers really believe that the stadium is only worth $87 million, then the City or County should buy it for that price. It would be a bargain in many ways.

John A. Marszalek, Charlotte

Taxpayers shouldn’t pay to lure MLS

Taxpayers should not have to pay to entice an MLS team to the area.

When St. Louis was awarded the most recent franchise it was with the promise of a stadium. It will likely be built entirely with private funds, as those taxpayers voted down a proposition to fund a new stadium.

Kerry Kenner, Charlotte

City has a serious crime problem

While our esteemed police chief reminds us that crime can happen anywhere (although it happens a lot in uptown lately), yet another victim has died. This time it was an innocent bystander, the CEO of a company, caught in the crossfire at Epicenter.

Since when is our police department a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce? You’d think they were on the payroll the way they spin violent crime stats.

CMPD: Get real. You, I mean we, have a serious violent crime problem. Do your job and clean it up. This is one record we don’t need to break.

Jeff A. Gregory, Charlotte

Put an end to political donations

I was under the belief that politics was an honorable calling. Instead, it has become the calling of those obsessed with donations.

I see 25-100 requests per day for donations. They’re rarely espousing their own policies; they’re espousing only anti-opponent attitudes.

We must take dollars out of the equation. We need to elect the best, the most qualified.

Elections must be funded by the nation and donations forbidden.

Douglas B. Sherrow, Mint Hill

White House rationale is illogical

Regarding “Trump: McConnell thinks Ukraine call was ‘innocent’ “(Oct. 4). Will someone please explain to me the rationale of suppressing subpoenaed documents from the administration that would prove the call to Ukraine was “perfect” and innocent.

Diane Locklin, Charlotte

Romney is right about Ukraine call

President Trump called Sen. Mitt Romney a “pompous ass” and called for his impeachment for doing what nearly no other Republican apparently has the moral courage to do – merely state the obvious.

There was a time in this country when publicly using vulgarity against anyone was unacceptable behavior. There was also a time when soliciting foreign assistance to hammer your political adversary was against the law.

For those who find our democracy worth saving, it’s still that time.

For the rest, preservation of political capital is vastly more important.

It is absolutely remarkable that most Republicans view this as a choice. Thankfully, Romney felt otherwise.

W. States Lee, Denver, N.C.

NC senators, call out illegal behavior

The silence of Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Rep. Mark Meadows in the face of the Ukraine scandal is absolutely deafening.

Will they choose party over country (as it appears at this point), or will they choose to honor their oath of office and start defending the Constitution?

I am a lawyer, a former local government official and a former Republican. I am utterly disgusted by what I have seen in D.C. I am not alone. The vast majority of U.S. citizens have extremely low regard for the effectiveness and credibility of Congress.

I am not asking Burr, Tillis and Meadows to make a judgment before the investigations are concluded, but how difficult is it to call out unlawful behavior?

Richard Benson, Brevard