Letters to the Editor

How dare SC Sen. Lindsey Graham compare Trump’s impeachment inquiry to actual lynchings

Graham’s comment was shameful

Shame on Sen. Lindsey Graham. There have been 164 actual lynchings in South Carolina. How dare he compare an official inquiry into President Trump’s questionable behavior with these hate crimes, much less call it a “lynching in every sense.” Every sense? Last I looked, Trump is still breathing.

David Basri, Van Wyck, S.C.

David Basri.jpg
David Basri

GOP had resorted to table pounding

Thomas Strini.jpg
Thomas Strini

There’s an old legal aphorism:“If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table.” With respect to Trump’s potential impeachment, Republicans in Congress are pounding the table for all they’re worth.

Thomas J. Strini, Mint Hill

Vote yes; sales tax will help greenways

The writer is president of Greenways for Mecklenburg.

The sales tax increase on the ballot will provide an additional $17 million a year for accelerating the completion of our greenway network.

Greenways are an alternative transportation system available to all citizens. They link neighbors of all socioeconomic types. The greenway system is publicly funded and voters have been given the opportunity to show our commitment to a greener, more livable city that values the health, welfare and sense of community for our citizens.

Doug Burnette, Charlotte

I question who’ll benefit from tax

The first question that should be asked concerning taxes for the arts is: What percentage of the tax-paying public would directly benefit from what this money pays for?

If it is a clear majority, then maybe it’s worthwhile. Otherwise, why should everyone be forced to pay for something only a minority enjoys. To quote Spock from Star Trek: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Steve Benson, Monroe

City has caved to developers again

Cate Stadelman.jpg
Cate Stadelman

In modifying the tree ordinance, City Council continued a long and shameful history of enabling developers to profit at the expense of the rest of us. (“City OKs tree ordinance changes despite opposition,” Oct. 21)

Along with changes to setback requirements that preclude street trees, this week’s change damages our air quality and all but ensures we will not meet our canopy goals.

Cities with insufficient trees, especially street trees, are hotter in temperature, have more polluted air, more storm water runoff issues, and are less attractive places to live. Charlotte does not need these problems!

Cate Stadelman, Charlotte

UNC must protect students better

Regarding “UNC students talk about sexual assault prevention on campus,” (Oct. 23):

The numbers in this article are surprising, but what’s not surprising is that 50 percent of assaults occur during fall, when new students get caught up in the culture of binge drinking that pervades campus life.

I was dismayed at my daughters’ descriptions of underage drinking at campus organizations with no apparent oversight or repercussions.

As to students who are unable to consent, bartenders who serve intoxicated customers do so at the risk of fines and loss of liquor licenses. Campus organizations need to be held accountable as well. They should be protecting their guests, not endangering them.

David Fahey, Charlotte

A replacement for Electoral College

Tom E. Bowers.JPG
Tom E. Bowers

Elizabeth Warren is calling for the end of the Electoral College.

Why not replace it with proportional voting by states, an alternative to winner takes all? If Candidate A gets 60 percent and Candidate B 40 percent, all those votes are added to the tallies of all other states for an overall winner who truly represents all of us.

Using the popular vote would make small states insignificant and let large populous states determine winners.

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

MLB umpire’s tweet worries me

Regarding “MLB to look into umpire tweet referencing gun, Trump critics,” (Oct. 23):

As a high school baseball coach for 20 years and a baseball lifer, I’ve always known my peers to be salt of the earth. If politics ever came up, it was on the periphery and never very volatile.

Well, after reading about a MLB umpire tweeting about civil war, I admit I am beginning to get a little scared. Please Mr. Trump, let off the gas and don’t strike us all out.

Ben Harris, Charlotte