Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.11.15

In response to “Graham moving accounts to BB&T” (June 10) and related articles:

Wells’ ads should support Christianity

Wells Fargo says it has proudly supported the LGBT community for a long time and that “serving every customer is core to our vision and values.”

According to the first large-scale government study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.4 percent of Americans identify themselves as LGBT.

The latest Pew Research Center survey shows 71 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians.

If Wells truly is “serving every customer,” a majority of their ads should support Christianity!

Billy Mills


Franklin Graham still has much to learn about love, acceptance

In the ’50s, the Rev. Billy Graham knocked down walls dividing people when he insisted there be no segregated white and “colored” seating at his crusades.

It is unfortunate that his son, Franklin Graham, learned nothing from his father’s example.

By calling the “homosexual lifestyle” godless he has decided a large segment of the population is not worthy of God’s love and saving grace.

Those of us with LGBT children, siblings, parents, spouses, cousins, friends, and associates know better.

Shame on you, Mr. Graham, for not promoting the true message of the scriptures – the unmistakable message of God’s love for each and every one of us.

Robert Dulin


Graham’s reasoning for boycott is hypocritical, sanctimonious

Franklin Graham apparently is fine with the fact that Wells Fargo has convictions, judgments and settlements for mortgage fraud, improper foreclosure, phony overdraft fees, opening accounts in customer’s names without permission, and family trust mismanagement.

But let Wells run an ad with a same-sex couple and only then he speaks out?

Interesting priorities he has. I doubt Jesus shares them.

Joe Melton


In response to “Red Cross’ $500M did little for Haiti” (June 7):

Red Cross spends wisely, helped millions in Haiti

The writer is CEO of the American Red Cross Western North Carolina Region.

The American Red Cross has helped millions of Haitians who desperately needed humanitarian assistance after the 2010 earthquake.

Donated funds enabled us to provide more than 132,000 people with safe and durable housing through repairs of existing homes and rental subsides.

Red Cross rebuilt infrastructure that is vital to neighborhood recovery, such as schools, roadways and water distribution points.

The full report can be found at redcross.org/Haiti.

The Red Cross is proud that 91 cents of every dollar we spend goes to our humanitarian programs and services.

Angela A. Broome


In response to “A Toyota, Gov.? Celebrate I-485 completion with U.S. brand” (June 9 Forum):

In today’s global economy that ‘Japanese’ car was made in U.S.

Forum writer Bill Hirzel needs to recognize the benefits of a global economy.

There are seven Toyota factories in the United States employing people who vacation on the N.C. coast.

Would he prefer the governor ride in a car built in one of Ford’s 12 factories in Canada and Latin America?

Dale Saville


Poor signage, broken equipment needs attention at airport

I took a 77-year-old woman to the airport this week.

Even going the right way, the airport signs were small and at street level, not on the overhead signs where they belong.

We parked in the new hourly lot. The lower floors are closed so we parked on level 5 only to find the elevator out of order.

Going to the gate, the first “moving sidewalk” was not working.

Poor signage, broken equipment. Would someone in charge please take note that passengers need a reliable way to get to and through the airport?

Jane Shoemaker