Letters to the Editor

Trump has done many positive things and the Dems’ impeachment inquiry is a charade

Dems’ impeachment inquiry is absurd

We have incredible employment numbers, rising wages, a rebuilt military, no more mayhem at the border, and criminal justice reform.

Meanwhile, on the heels of their Russian collusion fiasco, the Democrats are hard at work pretending to take the high road as they pursue an absurd impeachment charade against President Trump over a phone call that speaks for itself.

Bill Grandy, Lake Wylie

Find another way on climate accord

Jacob Abel cropped.jpg
Jacob Abel

The Trump administration just sent the formal notice to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord.

As a young Republican from Concord, I understand that climate change threatens our state, our country, and our world. We need everyone at the table to solve this issue, including Republicans who champion free-market solutions.

While the commitments by every country are voluntary, the symbolic importance of the U.S. role in the accord cannot be underestimated. A better approach by the Trump administration would be to bring all parties together and work for an agreement that his administration sees as productive.

Leaving the accord with the other largest producers staying in vacates American leadership when it is most needed.

Jacob Abel, Concord

Don’t expose the whistleblower

President Trump’s whistleblower exposed a corrupt president.

Everything the whistleblower reported was verified by others who had first-hand knowledge. So he doesn’t need to be identified or exposed.

He couldn’t add more information to what other key persons have provided, and future whistleblowers need to know they can warn us of possible malfeasance without risk of retaliation.

Although administrative leaks are generally a bad thing, whistleblower protections are necessary because sometimes that’s the only way the public learns of unscrupulous behavior.

Chuck Kelly, Charlotte

Teachers alone can’t raise test scores

Regarding “A lesson in an NC reading failure?” (Nov. 4 Editorial):

I can’t believe this editorial didn’t address the varied home situations of low-performing students. Without support from home even the best most effective teachers are stymied. Teachers can’t do it all!

Jan Hair, Charlotte

Too many uninsured children in NC

Thanks to our Republican-controlled legislature, North Carolina is one of 15 states that saw a jump in the number of children without health insurance. I wonder how many N.C. legislators who are refusing to expand Medicaid are putting their children to bed tonight without health insurance? For once, could you side with what is truly best for all the people you serve instead of a select few?

Marcia Lampert, Charlotte

Tillis should focus his energy elsewhere

Now Sen. Thom Tillis has introduced a bill to take on sanctuary cities, including Charlotte. It is unfortunate that he continues to refuse to educate himself about the New Sanctuary Movement and the contributions immigrants make to our communities.

He could also read studies indicating that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the general population.

Law enforcement officials have also been quite clear that they do not cooperate with often-arbitrary ICE tactics because they want to maintain trust in their local communities.

The senator would do better to focus on comprehensive immigration reform that provides a prompt path to immigrant status for those who have been in the country for years, including DACA students.

Matt Samson, Cornelius

Kudos to Lowe’s on flooring decision

The writer is a senior fellow at NC Child.

Tom Vitaglione NC Child.jpg
Tom Vitaglione

Anyone who has spent time with a baby or child knows they spend a lot a lot of time on the floor. That’s why I was thrilled to hear that North Carolina’s own Lowe’s is phasing out residential carpets and rugs that contain toxic PFAS.

Children can be exposed to chemicals from flooring when they crawl. PFAS has been linked to cancer, immune system harm, and other health problems.

These “forever chemicals” contaminate our food, water and products. Studies have found PFAS in the blood of nearly every American tested, including newborns.

We need stronger action from decision makers in Raleigh to protect families. Meantime, I’m grateful to Lowe’s for slamming the door on a notable source of PFAS in our homes.

Tom Vitaglione, Raleigh