Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.15.15

N.C. gun permit process needs update

On Dec 6, 2012 I received two “permit to purchase a handgun” permits. I went through the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office and the sheriff’s background process.

The permits are good through Dec. 6, 2017.

Now, I could beat up my wife today and be served with a restraining order, and on Tuesday – or any day – I could go to a gun shop and buy two handguns! No background check!

Wouldn’t you rather that I be subject to an NICS check at the point of purchase – at the time of purchase – rather than this old and antiquated system that would let anyone hold a purchase license for five years?

Spencer R. Rackley IV


In response to “School year ends with emotional good-byes” (June 12):

Teacher photo gave me hope amid sad, infuriating news

Davie Hinshaw’s beautiful photo of teacher and student on Friday’s front page was a touching reminder of love in an increasingly hateful time.

Last week was sad and infuriating, as evidenced by the antics of Republicans in Raleigh and Franklin Graham in some parallel universe.

This photo gives me hope that the next generation might just get things right.

Liz Peralta


In response to Jonathan Bernstein “Why ‘low information’ voters aren’t bad voters” (June 12 Viewpoint):

Democrats bewitch uninformed voters to keep party in power

The Democrats have convinced these uninformed voters that Republicans are pro-business, anti-worker, and that their governance will provide food, shelter, health care and a living wage for everyone.

According to columnist Jonathan Bernstein, political information is not important – as long as they believe what liberal narcissists cram down their throats.

Of course Hillary Clinton wants to automatically register every American to vote, especially the uninformed.

Hoodoo the masses and stay in power. Shameful.

Dickie Benzie


In response to David Deptula “Defeat ISIS with air power” (June 9 Viewpoint):

More air power would bomb away chance for peace in Iraq

Gen. Deptula, inflicting misery through stepped-up, indiscriminate bombing in Iraq is perilous and ignores the cultural and religious divides that plague Iraq.

The resulting dead innocents from these attacks would only incite more anti-U.S. sentiment and aid ISIS recruitment.

Iraq is a sovereign – albeit tenuous – nation and we have no right to wage indiscriminate war.

We can encourage a political solution involving moderate Sunnis and Shiites and assist their efforts to contain ISIS.

Your “air power” does not win hearts and minds and would surely bomb away peace.

Chip Potts


Religious right’s condemnation of gay community is hypocritical

To hear the religious right speak, there are only two sins: abortion and being gay.

They rail against abortion and protest at clinics, but say nothing about boycotting companies that do business with those who have committed a myriad of sins from divorce to having affairs, committing a crime, working on Sunday, or taking God’s name in vain.

Christians say all sins are equal in God’s eyes, yet they have an inordinate amount of selective condemnation for the gay community.

Michelle Hargett


In response to “Eagles soar in once-struggling troop” (June 10):

Volunteers, parents leveled the playing field for these Scouts

I commend Ted Johnson who drove 45 minutes from Union County to Charlotte every week for Troop 67 meetings and the Scout parents who facilitated access to Scouting and mentoring opportunities.

“It takes a village” to raise youth, and such collaborations are almost guaranteed to yield increased personal and professional enrichment.

Meeting individuals where they are and on their turf, opportunities exist to cultivate self-worth, the foundation for life-long success.

Deacon Bill Lowe thank you for advocating for Troop 67 and for leveling the playing field for these youth.

Patrick Burris