Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.14.15

Nancy Nicholson
Nancy Nicholson

In response to “Before voting on gun bill, listen to the survivors” (June 11 Viewpoint):

Don’t loosen background checks

Thank you, Kim Yaman, for your emotional, real-life plea to N.C. lawmakers about House Bill 562.

Repealing North Carolina’s strong background checks on handguns makes NO sense.

Kim is a voice for victims and survivors of gun violence. She’s also a voice for the rest of us – those fortunate enough not to have experienced her trauma, but who also want a saner world without the added fear and violence this legislation would bring.

Blessings to you, Kim, and to so many others whose lives will never be the same.

Nancy Nicholson


In response to “Both sides brace for close House vote on trade bill” (June 12):

Did we learn nothing from Obama’s health care bill?

I guess we are doomed to repeat history because we have not learned from it.

We were asked to approve a murky trade bill before we knew what was in it.

Did you not think it would be as murky as President Obama’s early history or his “affordable” health care bill? My Lord, will we ever learn?

Thurston Carroll

York, S.C.

In response to “House overrides governor’s veto of marriage bill” (June 12):

Don’t let magistrates pick and choose which laws to follow

North Carolina is part of the United States, where laws are to be followed despite one’s view of them.

Since when can magistrates pick and choose which to follow?

Following Jesus does not exclude being a member of the LGBT community. Judge ye not, lest ye be judged.

But maybe I am wrong and we now are headed toward a form of sharia law as governed by our conservative ministers and citizens.

Nancy Swonger


In response to “CIAA charge outrage grows” (June 12):

Legal action on CIAA surcharge would open a can of worms

Does this mean that the N.C. Attorney General will take action against restaurants that put an 18 percent service charge on my bill without my permission?

William Nesbit


In response to “Franklin Graham calls for boycott of Wells Fargo” (June 10):

Judging others is also sinful; Graham should stop doing that

Franklin Graham is calling for Christians to boycott businesses that promote sin.

Good idea Franklin, I will stop donating to and volunteering with Samaritan’s Purse since it promotes judgment of others, which unlike same-sex marriage, Jesus actually lectured against.

Not to mention, as a child of adoption, I would have felt blessed to have two loving parents regardless of who they were. Adoption alone is a pretty Christ-like act.

Mr. Graham continues to tarnish his father’s wonderful legacy. Oh, by the way Mr. Graham, BB&T supports equal rights too.

Hunter Boggs


Wells Fargo’s vision and values are right on target with mine

Gospel accounts report Jesus spent most of his time teaching, speaking up for, dining with, and healing so-called sinners of his day and seemed to have the most trouble with pious, self-righteous religious leaders.

Wells Fargo’s vision and values are right on target and consistent with my Christian faith. Thanks to the bank for its courageous moral witness.

Ed Hinson


In response to “School year ends with emotional good-byes” (June 12):

Photo reminded me how much teachers really give our children

Thank you for the front-page photograph of teacher Taji Brown and student Tener Love.

Let this touching picture remind all of us that teachers give our children so much more than lesson plans and report cards.

To Mr. Brown, and to teachers everywhere, thank you for all that you do.

Brian Buckley