Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.22.15

In response to “Senseless” (June 19):

You won’t do anything!

More bloodshed of innocent people that could have been stopped with appropriate background checks and gun limits.

You won’t do anything.

Children killed at their school. Church-goers killed where they pray. Theater-goers killed at a movie.

You won’t do anything.

If a patient says “Doctor I’ll shoot my family.” If a customer says “It’s my right to have this many guns.” If a little girl says “Mommy, let me try shooting the machine gun.”

You won’t do anything.

Because you’re so spineless and frightened by the NRA. Or, you want to be the new darling conservative. Or, your misinterpretation of the outdated and archaic Second Amendment is wholly misplaced. For you, all the slaughtered innocent people are a small price to pay.

You won’t do anything.

And we’ll just wait for the next massacre.

David W. Gilpin


In response to “Despite killings, Confederate battle flag flies” (June 19):

At its core Confederate flag is anti-American; don’t celebrate it

The writer is a former Charlotte area resident.

Regardless of what it has become to some, the Confederate flag cannot run from its past.

It was born into a world where roughly a third of the nation openly rejected the United States. At its core, it is anti-American.

I enjoy seeing flags from various countries, but I have pride in only one.

There is one absolute truth: When it comes to the American flag and the flag of the Confederate States of America, just as it was in the Civil War, one cannot honestly play both sides.

Brent Rudell

Washington, D.C.

Hard to reconcile Gov. Haley’s tearswhile flag still flew on Capitol grounds

While S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley shed her tears for the camera over the despicable racist executions in Charleston, the Confederate flag continued to adorn the Capitol grounds in Columbia on Friday.

I too shed my tears for the innocent victims and for the future of this country.

Robert Giliberti

Indian Land, S.C.

In response to “Roof wanted to ‘hurt people’” (June 19):

It’s not just about your rights; civil societies are based on universal rights

At the end of this article a scene unfolds wherein “A man in a straw hat came out and told a reporter: ‘Make your way right back where you came from. Get off the property now.’”

He obviously believes in rights, as do the fliers of the Confederate flag.

This seems to be a pervasive view of rights among those who often violate the rights of others.

There are lots of invocations of “my rights” and too few acknowledgments of “your rights.”

Civil societies are based on the recognition of universal rights. Living in peace is among the most basic human rights.

John P. Cunnane


In response to “Pope calls for swift response on climate” (June 19):

Let’s work together to heed Pope’s call to action on climate change

The writer is president of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas – South Central Community.

We welcome the release of Pope Francis’ encyclical, its call to action on behalf of the environment and on behalf of people who are poor and disadvantaged.

The Gospel calls us to love God and our neighbors. Yet many of our neighbors across the world already are suffering from the impact of climate change and environmental degradation, which are linked to the plight of immigrants and those who suffer from violence and racism.

We look forward to engaging in dialogue around what actions can be taken.

We invite our sisters, associates, co-workers, volunteers and friends to join in the discussion and hope that our discussions will lead to appropriate actions.

Sister Jane Hotstream