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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.24.15

Renard Burris
Renard Burris

In response to “S.C. leaders join call to remove Confederate flag” (June 23):

Flag is symbolic progress; do more

As a former South Carolinian I celebrate that the S.C. legislature will take up removal of the Confederate flag from State House grounds. But we should be clear about a few things:

One, discussing removal and removing it are two different things.

Two, the flag is only a symbol.

Three, unless there is a “taking down” of associative mindsets, ideas, and institutions designed to oppress, the mark is missed.

One only needs to look to South Carolina’s “Corridor of Shame” and the state’s comfort with the third-world status of poverty, disease, and education for those citizens, to see the desperate need for real progress.

Symbolic progress is only symbolic.

Renard Burris


We can’t control human intent, so we must control guns

This is the fourteenth time in seven years that President Obama announced our national regret after a public shooting spree.

The Second Amendment provides a right to bear arms in order to maintain a militia. With a standing army ready to defend the interests of the United States, we no longer need citizens to bear arms.

Since it is abundantly clear that we cannot control the human intent behind this destruction, we must control the tools used to perpetrate it.

Martha Catt


In response to “You won’t do anything!” (June 21 Forum):

Issue isn’t guns; it’s time to address what’s causing the hate

Forum writer David Gilpin’s solution is to make it more difficult for law-abiding Americans to secure firearms to protect themselves, family and others.

Note that police could not help protect those poor folks in the theater, church nor schools. They can’t get there fast enough.

Had one of the church members or theater-goers been lawfully armed they may have saved most of the lives lost. A lawfully armed and educated good guy with a gun is still the best way to stop a bad guy with one.

Let’s start addressing the causes of hate and violence, versus its symptoms.

David Stout


In response to “World shocked at enduring U.S. racism, gun violence” (June 21):

Maybe lost tourism dollars will sway some on gun control

This article brings home to me that our country is noted for its violence, and that people around the world cannot understand our fascination with guns.

If we are unwilling to adopt gun control for moral/ethical reasons, then perhaps we should look at the loss of tourism dollars by potential visitors who do not feel safe in our country.

The loss of dollars may sway some to adopt gun control.

Jane McLaughlin


At 97, I want court to rule in favor of same-sex marriage

In the next few days, the U.S. Supreme Court will issue a decision that will make history. Hopefully, they will open the doors to all Americans, allowing them the right to marry the person they love.

I have lived 97 years, raised three children, and have been blessed with five grandchildren. Family is the most important thing in life, and I love my granddaughter who is bisexual and my son who is gay as much as anyone else in my family.

I support their right to marry the person they love, and I hope the Supreme Court does the right thing this week.

Pearl Chew


In response to “Senate plan of $21.47B budget sets up debate” (June 16) and related articles:

No raises? Veteran teachers will leave, but that’s what you want

Maybe you can see where this is going... If you don’t give veteran teachers pay raises many will likely go away. Problem solved. You get to hire new teachers who will work for much lower salaries.

I expect to hear denials from N.C. legislators. Go ahead, deny away. Even if they didn’t sit down together and plan this, it works out the same for the veteran teachers.

Jo Ann Duprey

Mount Mourne