Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.26.15

Heather Avant
Heather Avant

Focus on race relations, not on flag

I take pride in my Southern heritage.

My family never owned slaves, yet I have two relatives who served and were wounded in the Civil War. I am also a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy.

No matter what you think the Civil War was about, countless people served and died. They should be remembered. It is our history, and that cannot be erased.

The Confederate flag is a symbol and means different things to different people. Focus on it is misplaced.

Our resources would be put to better use if we concentrated on coming together and improving race relations, rather than all this effort given to removing a flag.

Heather Avant

Mint Hill

In response to “End all specialty plates, offensive or not” (June 25 Forum) and related articles:

Eliminating specialty tags would infringe on free speech

It’s just plain scary when otherwise well-minded folks like Forum writer Alan Dockery declare that all specialty plates should be disallowed.

Who on this earth, much less in North Carolina, could even remotely be offended by a license tag extolling the wonders of our Great Smoky Mountains or Outer Banks?

Mindsets of this ilk bring new and dangerous degrees of descent to the so-called slippery slope of impositions upon the First Amendment.

Michael Matthews

Denver, N.C.

Reasonable gun control long overdue; seize the moment

While I’m pleased that the S.C. governor and leaders in my home state are finally recognizing the Confederate battle flag is a divisive symbol, I worry they’re missing the point.

Those nine Americans were not murdered with a flag. They were killed by a racist with a legally purchased gun.

Removing the flag might make everyone feel better, but it won’t prevent another misguided zealot fueled by racist websites from doing the same thing.

I understand that a lot of Americans own guns and practice safe and responsible ownership. However, it seems like our country has a real problem with guns that needs to be addressed.

Jack Matthews


Don’t limit gun ownership, just screen potential owners better

With all this talk of wanting gun control, I have never heard of a gun, alone, killing anyone.

If you place a gun on a table, it will never get up, walk over to anyone and kill them. Someone must pull the trigger.

So how about better screening for individuals buying guns?

Sharon Sullivan


As a transgender preacher, I eagerly await high court ruling

I don’t have a partner as of yet, but as a transgender woman, preacher, and transgender rights activist, I look forward to the day I fall in love.

Whether of the same gender or the opposite, it should be our freedom to marry because we love one another. We should all have the same basic fundamental rights and protections under the law.

It is my hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will soon grant the freedom to marry to all in our country. My love should be valid regardless of where I live.

Rev. Debra J. Hopkins


In response to “House GOP demotes N.C. Rep. Meadows” (June 23):

It’s time we quit electing puppets to represent us

My hat is off to Rep. Mark Meadows. I couldn’t agree more with his comment regarding losing his subcommittee chairmanship as a result of following his conscience, rather than bowing to party “rules.”

House Speaker John Boehner likes to act like he was anointed, rather than elected.

Save the party politics for election time. Get down to working together and moving North Carolina forward.

John Fletcher Sr.

Stanley, N.C.

Strobe lights at I-485 work sites blinding night drivers

I am glad to see most I-485 construction done at night. However, the intense strobe lights on the parked police cars are a safety hazard.

Having eye-level, super-bright flashing blue and white lights feels like staring into the sun and results in temporary blindness.

Our police do a great job, but they could better serve us by backing down the lights a little before someone has an accident.

John F. Higdon