Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.03.15

Roberta Dunn
Roberta Dunn

In response to “Obama’s display of gay pride divisive” (July 1 Forum):

Rainbow’s symbolism lost on Reid

I am a member of the LGBT community (transgender) and a Christian.

The Bible says in Genesis 9:16: “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on earth.”

The rainbow is not divisive; it is a universal sign of love.

Forum writer Don Reid, what part of “every” don’t you understand?

Roberta Dunn


In response to “Lawyers criticize hiring of PR expert” (July 2):

$15K for a spinmeister is a waste of taxpayer money

City Manager Ron Carlee had to cut expenses to offset a multimillion-dollar hole in the new fiscal budget.

Yet, he plans to spend $15,000 to hire a PR flack to manage the city’s position in the upcoming trial of a Charlotte police officer.

As the defendant’s attorney points out, we’re already paying for a communications department. If the talent does not exist in that office to manage the city’s spin during the trial, it’s time to clean house.

And, why does the city need to spin anything?

Council should be questioning Carlee’s judgment on this bone-headed expenditure.

Paul Jones


Cutting teacher assistants, low teacher pay sabotages N.C.

It appears North Carolina’s plan is to continue underfunding teacher salaries and public education at all levels, plus cut teacher assistant positions, to make teaching as uninviting as possible.

The N.C. Senate insists that cutting corporate taxes will maximize the appeal of our state.

What corporate entity today is looking for uneducated, unskilled, untrained, or even under-educated employees?

Please help me understand this obvious disconnect.

Bill Payne


No need to dethrone anyone, feature a woman on a new bill

It seems most of us agree it’s about time we opened our eyes to consider a woman to honor our soft currency bills.

We have plenty of women who qualify for this position, so let’s make it happen!

But do we really need to dethrone any of our male representatives from their place on our $1, $5, or $20 bills to accommodate this idea?

Instead, let’s create a new bill, say a $25 bill, designed with a portrait of our new female honoree. Could be a win-win for all.

Jon Tieri


On national debt, U.S. is following same path as Greece

Kevin Siers’ July 1 cartoon on Greece was dead on.

Unfortunately for us, he could just as easily put “USA’s National Debt” on Laocoon’s chest with the words, “All politicians in favor of seriously addressing and reducing our country’s debt, raise your hand!”

Bill Hawthorne


In response to “Macy’s cuts ties to Donald Trump after remarks” (July 2) and related articles:

Green initiatives could help immigrants Trump decries

I wish I could get a message to Donald Trump about Mexico.

They build concrete roofs down there. He could do so much better by helping Mexican immigrants build homes that had roof gardens to raise food, rather than build a wall to keep them out.

Doesn’t he know a wall will not work? It would cost billions, which could be better spent building passive solar homes.

We need to help, instead of fighting.

Georgia Muller


Fido and fireworks don’t mix; keep animals safe on July 4th

Please remember Fourth of July can be a stressful time for your four-legged companion.

Many are terrified of fireworks and will flee to escape the noise. They may end up lost, in a shelter, or worse.

Please keep them calm and safe by confining them to a quiet place in your home or garage. Play a radio or TV to drown out some of the noise.

Make sure your pet is also wearing identification tags in the event he/she does flee.

Michele Lail

Denver, N.C.