Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.07.15

In response to “Too soon to put a woman on $10 bill; wait for one of remarkable achievement” (July 6 Forum):

No women of remarkable achievement?

If Forum writer Barry Marshall thinks Hillary Clinton will possibly be the first woman of remarkable achievement, then his daughters and granddaughters need to tell him about Harriet Tubman, Pocahontas, Rosa Parks, Ella Baker, Sally Ride, Florence Nightingale as well as the many other women who have made significant contributions to our country.

Perhaps we should think about changing more than just the $10 bill.

Mary Gaertner


More lanes will bring greater congestion; I-77 needs rail

I do not understand how widening Interstate 77 is going to make for faster travel.

If you look at I-85, where I-77 passes over, it is four lanes and standing still. South of uptown I-77 is four lanes and backed up.

More lanes equals more traffic, equals more congestion.

Put a passenger train between Charlotte and Statesville, develop better inter-city transportation and fewer people will drive their cars to the all-day parking lots to bake in the summer heat.

Bill Goodnow


In response to “Electrolux lashes out at Justice Department” and “Brown Creek escapee had likely fled before” (July 2):

DOJ has bigger things to tackle than Electrolux acquisition

News we would rather not read surrounding today’s prison system, including escapees – 70 in N.C. since 2010 – is likely to be more than just a little alarming to American citizens.

Maybe the U.S. Department of Justice should be more worried about how well our prisons are being managed, than the risk of harm to citizens by the Electrolux purchase of GE’s appliance division – harm that is arguably little or none at all.

Bill Kniegge


Problem isn’t 2nd Amendment; it’s how some interpret it

Recent Forum writers have suggested we repeal the Second Amendment.

We do not need a new Second Amendment. We need an interpretation that supports the original intention, which was to maintain a well-regulated militia necessary for the security of a free State.

The U.S. military satisfies that requirement.

Don’t take my opinion, read the Second Amendment. It’s only one sentence long.

Walter Saville


Three reasonable gun control measures the public will accept

In response to recent tragic gun violence in Charleston and elsewhere, I advocate the following:

▪ Implement universal background checks on all firearm purchases.

▪ Close the gun show loophole.

▪ Create a public- and/or privately-funded buy-back program to reduce the proliferation of guns on the streets.

I believe these would be supported by the majority of the public. They won’t stop all people bent on doing harm, but to do nothing is unacceptable.

Norman Raye


In response to “Obama’s display of gay pride divisive” (July 1 Forum):

Rainbow and Confederate flags symbolize opposites: love, hate

Forum writer Don Reid asks: “How can any American rail about the Confederate flag and approve of what amounts to flying the gay flag?”

Seems so obvious… While the Confederate flag is about hate, the Supreme Court decision favoring marriage equality is about love. Love wins.

Katy Hill


GOP plan to shift tax revenues to poor counties hypocritical

I find it interesting that the Republican-controlled legislature in Raleigh plans to take $62 million in Mecklenburg tax dollars over five years and redistribute it to poorer counties.

We are considered socialists, while they’re basically doing the same thing – redistributing wealth to the poor.

They should tell the poorer counties what they tell poor individuals: Pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. You’re just not trying hard enough.

Rick McClanahan