Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.09.15

Mark Rust
Mark Rust

In response to “Ritz-Carlton to pay for CIAA service fee” (July 7):

Ritz-Carlton should have acted sooner

While I am delighted that the Ritz-Carlton agreed to refund the inexplicable 15 percent CIAA surcharge, I am extremely disappointed that the negative media exposure was not enough to prompt the prestigious hotel chain to do the right thing sooner.

It was not until the N.C. Attorney General’s office threatened litigation that the Ritz opted to save face before being confronted with the embarrassment of a class-action lawsuit.

A strong message has been sent that blatant discriminatory practices like this will no longer be tolerated in our state, and violators will be held accountable.

Mark Rust


In response to “Commissioners debate Confederate memorial” (July 8) and related articles:

There should be no monuments to Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee

The word treason is defined as an attempt to overthrow one’s government, especially by force.

When Jefferson Davis and his military commander Robert E. Lee waged a shooting war against the United States they were engaging in treason.

If they had succeeded in overthrowing our government by force, which was their aim, there would not by a United States as we know it today.

Both men deserve our disapproval – not monuments or buildings in their names.

Ronald C. Williams


We’re a ‘nation of wimps’ foregoing individual freedoms

The Confederate battle flag was removed because government officials didn’t want to offend African-Americans who see the flag as racist.

This desire not to offend has been infiltrating the national conscience for years and has turned the United States into a nation of wimps. We’ve become more concerned with not hurting people’s feelings than with protecting individual freedoms.

Flying the Confederate flag is a form of freedom of speech. This freedom will sometimes offend others, but it is better that a person be offended than to have freedom of speech taken away.

The greatest threat to African-Americans is not racists like Dylan Roof, but people who want to take away freedom in the name of tolerance.

Brady Shackelford


In response to “Problem isn’t Second Amendment, it’s how some interpret it” (July 7 Forum):

Right to bear arms an important part of Second Amendment

Forum writer Walter Saville argues that the intent of the Second Amendment was to “maintain a well-regulated militia necessary for the security of a free State.”

Perhaps he should have included the rest of the one-sentence Second Amendment. You know, that little bit about “... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”!

After all, it’s only one sentence long.

James Silvus

Indian Trail

In response to Eric Frazier “Beyond the great toll lanes debate” (July 6 Opinion):

Rail would boost density, turning I-77 into a parking lot

Please stop perpetuating the myth that commuter rail will reduce congestion on I-77.

The opposite is true.

In order to justify the train, towns would have to increase density around the line to 15 units/acre or more.

While some of those residents would commute on the train, most commuters to Charlotte would be on the I-77 parking lot.

Bruce A. Andersen


Make sure commuters can walk, bike to transit stations

I heartily endorse the words of Associate Editor Eric Frazier, and would add that a renewed emphasis on transit needs to be coupled with solid planning to concentrate development around the resulting stations.

Those stations must also be served by connections to a detailed pedestrian and bicycle network to round out the system.

Unfortunately the funding coming from Raleigh is focused on old-school highway-based solutions. I keep hoping those who represent us there will soon wake up to this reality.

Roger Diedrich