Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.10.15

Bill Lane
Bill Lane

In response to Walter Williams “Black America’s solution” (July 8 Viewpoint):

Focus on black community, not flag

Walter Williams wrote an excellent article about what is wrong in the black community.

It should be required reading for Bree Newsome and others who are rallying against the Confederate flag and stripping the landscape of Civil War monuments.

These activists, and the country as a whole, should put that effort toward correcting the real problem, which Williams set forth in his column. Then, let us worry about symbols that offend.

Bill Lane


Approve school vouchers; give kids like mine a fighting chance

I urge the N.C. Supreme Court to rule in favor of the Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Previously, my sons attended a traditional public school since we could not afford private school tuition. One son felt overlooked and didn’t receive the attention he needed.

I’ve only got one chance to get it right for my children. I had to do something before my sons became lost in the system forever.

Opportunity Scholarships are absolutely what my boys need! I’ve seen improvements in their work and attitude about school.

Words can’t express how grateful I am for this assistance.

London Drye


Carolina Theatre plan a sweet deal for some, but not taxpayers

Let me see if I’ve got this right: City sells valuable uptown property, unused for 35 years, to a nonprofit for $1.

County then approves a $4.2 million grant to nonprofit to help it develop the property.

All the while, the property is not and will not be on the tax rolls. Is it great to live in Charlotte-Mecklenburg or what?

John R. Sherwood


In response to “An about-face on air quality” (July 3 Editorial):

On air quality, N.C. legislators fail to represent the people

N.C. House Bill 765 proposes reductions to the existing state requirements to monitor air quality. These monitors, backed by the EPA, have provided information over the last decade that helped improve N.C. air quality.

Isn’t clean air a strong recruitment tool? Doesn’t it save our residents from asthma and other respiratory diseases? Won’t clean air pay dividends deep into the future for our children and grandchildren?

Do the right thing. And next time, have the guts to stand behind your proposed legislation, rather than sneaking it through other bills.

Jim Godfrey


In response to “Beyond the great toll lanes debate” (July 6 Opinion):

Toll roads, not lanes, a more equitable way for N.C. to go

Toll lanes – No! Toll roads – Yes! There is no better way to pay for maintenance of our highways. A small fee from each driver on these highways would easily cover these expenses.

Spending millions of taxpayer money to build toll lanes sounds wasteful and ridiculous.

Let’s get smart before any more time is wasted on this issue.

Nancy Rudy Kiefer


In response to “We’re a ‘nation of wimps’ foregoing individual freedoms” (July 9 Forum):

Flying flag at S.C. State House not a matter of free speech

When an individual flies the Confederate flag, wears it, or adorns cars, houses, etc. with it that is a form of free speech.

However, flying the rebel flag from government property is not the same issue.

The government serves all citizens. Flying a flag that signals to many that one element of society is somehow superior to others, as the Confederate flag does, is inappropriate government speech.

Janet Taylor


In response to “There should be no monuments to Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee” (July 9 Forum):

Not all treason bad, sometimes it’s worthy of monuments

Be it from the left or right, treason causes stakes to be put into sand. Think George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, who quipped: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Maybe even Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Edward Snowden.

Jerry Crosby