Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.13.15

Araesia King
Araesia King

In response to “Solar roof powers up challenge to N.C. law” (July 8):

Embrace solar, N.C. would benefit

North Carolina is one of only four states in the country that has an outright ban on third-party energy sales.

These sales will ultimately do more good than harm.

There is an excellent potential for solar here in the state. It’s a shame that it is being wasted because N.C. legislators won’t take advantage of this opportunity for growth.

Araesia King


In response to “Mothers take fight against climate change to Capitol” (July 8):

N.C. must heed clean air message mothers took to D.C.

I applaud Danielle Hilton for spending time studying about global warming, the effect of fossil fuels, coal ash ponds, fracking, etc. so that she was armed with knowledge before taking on the establishment.

How many of us take time to learn about the harm our practices will have on the future of our own children and grandchildren?

Danielle’s actions should bring shame on our N.C. legislators who want to loosen our environmental regulation!

Grace Mitchell


In response to “Black America’s solution” (July 8 Viewpoint):

There is work to be done, but not just by black families

Walter Williams’ op-ed piece oversimplifies the breakdown of the black family, puts the entire burden on African-Americans and offers no solutions.

Poverty is highly correlated with family size, but it is also due to continued separation of the races, diminished hope and opportunities, lack of education, the need for a living wage, and the need for greater investment of social and economic capital in poorer areas.

Taking down the Confederate flag is a symbolic step. Williams is right that there is much work to be done – but by all races.

Keith Wilson


Williams spoke honestly about realities, others should too

It is so encouraging to see a black leader deal honestly with the realities facing the black community.

A culture and a demographic cannot sustain and advance when three out of four of its children are born to a single parent.

Walter Williams’ concerns should be resounding from all black leaders throughout the nation. Until that happens, obstacles barring advancement of people of color will remain.

Steve Monroe


In response to “There should be no monuments to Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee” (July 9 Forum):

Lee, Davis traitors? By that definition so were many patriots

I read with a chuckle Ronald Williams’ letter saying he considers Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis traitors for trying to “overthrow” the U.S. government.

Interesting concept, but I would caution Williams with a “be careful what you wish for.”

With his definition of traitor, I guess we better start stripping the land of any vestiges of George Washington, Ben Franklin, and the other patriots who declared war against the existing government of the land at that time.

Guess his definition of traitor solely depends on whether he believes the government being overthrown is righteous according to him. Rewriting history is a common practice of liberals and it is hardly ever correct.

Bruce Carter


In response to “Rainbow and Confederate flags symbolize opposites: love, hate” (July 7 Forum):

Once just a battle flag, it became a symbol of hate

Forum writer Katy Hill’s letter reflects, yet again, the misconception of the Confederate flag.

It was never intended as a symbol of hate or as the official flag of the Confederacy. It was merely a battle flag.

It was adopted by the Klan, American Nazis and various racists groups as a symbol of their causes. They are the ones who made it a symbol of hate.

Today, sadly, we know they did a darn good job of it.

Steve Waid


If it hopes to thrive, Greece must embrace capitalism

The tragedy in Greece is a prime example of why socialism doesn’t work and how privatization would work.

Greece needs to cut tax rates, cut spending, have a yard sale of government assets, and work toward becoming a solvent nation again.

Let capitalism thrive – eventually the money runs out in a socialist economy!

Traci Cockerham