Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.15.15

Barry Sherbal
Barry Sherbal

Time to do the right thing, Gov. McCrory

In response to “McCrory: Too late to stop tolls” (July 14):

Gov. Pat McCrory and the legislature should not be blaming those who may not have read the small print the first day on the I-77 toll lane contract.

We all know now what was not clear then.

To cover your behind by saying $100 million was not in your budget request is a sham.

It is never too late to do the right thing.

Joe Sutterlin, Charlotte

Say no to highway bond referendum

Gov. McCrory appears to have forgotten the thin margin he had when he was elected.

Now, he’s going to ask this part of the state to support a highway bond referendum. Voters need to send a resounding no.

It’s time for voters to remember what a politician does, and not just vote for his or her party.

John Donohoe, Mooresville

Deal with Iran better than no deal at all

In response to “Historic deal with Iran to limit its nuclear program” (July 14):

The nuclear agreement with Iran was just announced and I have already heard so many calls for rejecting it as a bad deal. However, I have not heard one of the naysayers indicate how the world would be better off with no deal, thus allowing Iran to continue to develop its nuclear program unchecked right now.

Until I can be convinced by the arguments presented by that group of naysayers that the world would be better off with no agreement, I will continue to support adoption of the current agreement as the best available deal for our nation’s and the world’s security.

Loretta Wertheimer, Davidson

Let’s hear a realistic alternative on Iran

In response to “There’s only one palatable nuclear deal with Iran” (July 14 Forum):

After reading Forum writer Herb Corday’s letter, I have two questions:

Is he aware that Iran has been developing a nuclear weapon for several years?

Does he really believe Iran will agree to dismantle its nuclear weapon capabilities?

Please offer some realistic alternative that will really work, short of bombing or war threats.

Jim Healy, Charlotte

Build light rail to airport, not trolley

In response to “Hop Aboard” (July 12):

A streetcar to the airport? The CATS Sprinter 5 route takes about 30 minutes from the Transit Center and can get around obstacles in the road.

Traveling the same route it would take a streetcar or trolley at least twice that time, maybe longer. And, if there were problems along the tracks you’d never make your flight.

Light rail to CLT – if it ever comes to pass – would be a better choice.

Talk about trolley folly!

Barry Sherbal, Charlotte

Charge for streetcar now, don’t wait

It was disappointing to read there’s no charge to ride the new streetcar.

It doesn’t take accounting expertise to see the error of this decision. Even a minimal charge of $.25 would provide income to partially cover costs, maintenance, future expenses, etc.

One of the major faults of our federal, state, and local governments is poor management of finances.

A free ride on a very expensive streetcar is just another example of careless decision making.

Luz Aveleyra, Charlotte

Many women just as worthy as Hamilton

In response to “No women deserve to unseat Hamilton on $10 bill” (July 14 Forum):

I suggest Forum writer George Rosser read up on the achievements of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Ella Baker, Sally Ride, and Florence Nightingale.

Their works benefit you, me and everyone on the planet every single hour.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wife, sister or daughter, they understand completely the magnitude of influence these women Rosser lists as undeserving continue to have on us and the world.

L.B. Green, Davidson