Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.16.15

Jack Flynn
Jack Flynn

N.C. must make room for more wind farms

In response to “Amazon backs 1st big N.C. wind farm” (July 14):

Kudos to Amazon for building a wind farm in our state. My wife and I have traveled extensively throughout the Midwest and West and have seen many such farms, in addition to solar farms.

It escapes me why more is not being done on the East Coast to further our use of the wind and sun.

Anyone who opposes such should be ashamed of themselves. No, they are not an eyesore as some want us to believe.

Jim Walker, Matthews

Pittenger’s primary mission isn’t religion

Recently, Rep. Robert Pittenger told the “Celebrate America” revival meeting that his chief priority as an elected official was to promote Christianity to voters and other lawmakers.

“That’s my primary mission as a member of Congress,” he said, “yes, to serve my constituents, to serve my region, and my state, and my country, but we’re here as emissaries for Christ.”

No Congressman, you are an emissary of your constituents. Your oath of office is to defend the Constitution, not the Bible or any other religious text.

Do the job you’re paid to do. If you want to proselytize, resign and become a minister. Otherwise, keep your religion to yourself.

Jack Flynn, Charlotte

Obama’s idealistic Iran deal won’t fly

It appears that there is no bottom as to how low the Obama administration can sink to capture an imaginary elusive butterfly from Iran.

President Obama’s idealistic thinking should have worn thin by now. However, he still pursues faulty ideas with his “net of wonder” as a small child, looking for peace where none exists.

Ron Feuer, Charlotte

Peace always comes with compromises

Congratulations to President Obama and Secretary John Kerry for a great achievement.

Those who want peace and are fed up with conflicts, wars, death and destruction will welcome the nuclear deal with Iran.

Those who are for polarization, tension, armed conflicts, and unjust support for Israel will naturally be upset.

The agreements for peace are always made by compromises. It is good enough to be able to diminish significantly Iran’s nuclear capability.

Masood N. Khan, Charlotte

Outstanding women must be recognized

In response to “No women deserve to unseat Hamilton on $10 bill” (July 14 Forum):

To suggest there’s not one woman on Mary Gaertner’s list who deserves a place on the $10 bill, is narrow-minded and antiquated!

It’s time to recognize the rich and integral tapestry so many women have woven into American history! This is merely one way to do this.

Alexander Hamilton would likely agree, and so would his wife, Elizabeth.

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

Court has turned into a political body

In response to “Maybe Roberts realized the damage his court was doing” (July 14 Forum):

How sad our nation has turned the U.S. Supreme Court into a political body, just like Congress.

Forum writer Bob Harrison thinks Republicans control the Court. Does he live in a vacuum, considering the latest rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare?

Kenneth Dicus, Charlotte

Give McCrory, Tillis their due on tolls

The citizens around Lake Norman may be powerless to stop the I-77 toll road, but they can certainly name it.

How about the “Patrick McCrory and Thom Tillis Toll Road”?

Make sure the toll font is larger than their names at toll plazas, and leave it that way for the entire 50-year contract.

Charlie Peninger, Gastonia