Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.17.15

Terry McFadden
Terry McFadden

Soccer traffic was horrendous. Fix it.

For 20 years I’ve lived uptown by Bank of America Stadium. Hundreds of stadium events have impacted my daily activities without complaint.

That streak has ended.

Whoever was in charge of traffic and crowd control for Wednesday’s soccer games should be walking a beat. The traffic on Morehead and Cedar streets was out of control. It took a family member 90 minutes to travel from the Dowd Y to our home – an hour a mile.

The next soccer match is in 10 days. Chief Kerr Putney must reassign Officer Fife before then.

Terry McFadden, Charlotte

Amazing display of soccer, city pride

The over 50,000 Mexican and Hispanic fans for the soccer matches at Bank of America Stadium Wednesday evening were an exemplary display and celebration of national pride, joy of sport, and Charlotte as home.

A. Ward McKeithen, Charlotte

Heartfelt Cotham, Foxx photo uplifting

In response to photo of Anthony Foxx greeting Pat Cotham (July 15):

No bigotry or racism show here! What a heartfelt photo of former Charlotte mayor, now U.S. Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx and county commissioner Pat Cotham seen talking at the Gold Line launch.

A picture speaks a thousand words: black, white, male, female, touchy/feely, public figures, happy to see each other, accomplished, and sincere.

What a breath of fresh air.

Teresa Kelly Randall, Charlotte

Defacing a memorial never OK; let’s talk

In response to “2 memorials defaced” (July 16):

I am saddened and concerned about the defaced Confederate memorials. While I am no champion of the Confederate cause, we must show respect for all viewpoints.

It is OK to have a conversation about a monument. It is OK to decide as a community which parts of history to honor and which to let pass in the fog of time.

It is never OK to skip the conversation and act in ugly ways.

If South Carolina can decide as a community to remove a symbol that is no longer welcome, I’m sure Charlotte can do the same.

We must find whoever did this and ensure they are severely punished. It must be clear we’ll never tolerate such awful acts.

Amber Logan, Charlotte

Dems disingenuous on N.C. sales tax plan

In response to “Sales tax plan helps some, hurts others” (July 15) and related articles:

Democrats laud “spread the wealth” at the national level, but rail against the same scheme at the state level in the proposed sales tax plan.

It’s painful when resources you control are taken away by government programs and polices, no matter what the party affiliation.

Dale Williams, Boone

Stop sugar-coating poverty, other issues

In response to “Study: Many more black children living in poverty” (July 15) and “Black America’s solution” (July 8 Viewpoint):

This article concludes with the observation that the troubling high rate of poverty among black children may result from the high black unemployment rate, “as children are more likely to be poor if their parents are unemployed.”

Parents? As black economist Walter Williams opined July 8 on the Observer Viewpoint page, topping the list of major problems affecting black Americans is a black illegitimacy rate of 72 percent.

If we are to improve equality and overall economic growth in our country, this issue cannot be ignored. PC reporting cannot alleviate the problem; it just worsens from media neglect.

Robert F. Salvia, Charlotte

Swimmers now shark bait; blame lawsuit

The irony of the sudden surge in shark attacks off the N.C. coast is inescapable.

The Audubon Society and Defenders of Wildlife, represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center, sued to stop off-road vehicles from driving on beaches to protect sea turtle populations.

Now there is a bumper crop of sea turtles – and a bumper crop of sharks eating the turtles, apparently unimpressed by lawsuits.

By interfering with Mother Nature they traded sea turtles for shark attacks on swimmers.

Good move.

Susan Broome, Waxhaw

Capitalism is not the issue in Greece

In response to “If it hopes to thrive, Greece must embrace capitalism” (July 13 Forum):

Forum writer Traci Cockerham says Greece should let capitalism thrive. It has! The many capitalist millionaires and billionaires in Greece are testament to this.

The problems are due to a bloated bureaucracy and to a widespread scofflaw attitude towards paying taxes, among other things.

Cutting tax rates will do no good if few are paying them in the first place.

Michael Bell, Charlotte