Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.19.15

Neel Stallings
Neel Stallings

Oral chemotherapy should not cost more

In response to “Carolinas patients pay more for oral chemotherapy” (July 16):

Thank you, Karen Garloch, for your insightful article on oral chemotherapy parity.

The N.C. state health plan for teachers and state employees provides health insurance to legislators and General Assembly staff. Currently they have a cap of $125 per prescription per month on out-of-pocket costs for oral chemo medications.

Shouldn’t all N.C. citizens have the same access to oral chemo medications as our elected officials?

Neel Stallings, Charlotte

Jeb Bush showed no empathy for workers

In response to “The laziness dogma” (July 15 Viewpoint):

What Jeb Bush fails to consider is that many companies have dropped their workforce to part-time status, eliminating the requirements of benefits and living wages.

He and his ilk seem to think if you didn’t have the opportunity for a college education, didn’t marry well, or inherit wealth, it’s fine for you to work three part-time jobs, even 12-14 hour days, as long as you don’t ask for help from your government.

Perhaps a push by the “job creators” to reinstate full-time status would accomplish what Bush is looking for.

Show some empathy for these overworked, underpaid Americans, Mr. Bush.

L.B. Pope, Mint Hill

I applaud Pittenger putting his faith first

In response to “Pittenger’s primary mission isn’t religion” (July 16 Forum):

Forum writer Jack Flynn says as an emissary of constituents Rep. Robert Pittenger should “keep his religion to himself” and not make Christianity his top priority.

I applaud Rep. Pittenger for his prioritization.

Any elected official who adheres to Christ’s Golden Rule – “In everything, do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – should be commended. This concept appears prominently in many of the world’s religions.

And, since 1862 the final sentence of the Congressional Oath has been “So help me God.”

Steve Hurleigh, Charlotte

Let sharks and turtles be; it’s their home

In response to “Swimmers now shark bait; blame lawsuits” (July 17 Forum):

Forum writer Susan Broome thinks a law preventing people from crushing sea turtles eggs with their fishing trucks is interfering with Mother Nature. Really?

How about walking to the beach to fish, and leave the turtles and sharks alone in their home?

Yes, it’s hard to tote all that gear from the parking lot, but let’s not blame environmentalists for abundant sharks and sea turtles. Let’s thank them.

Bob Buch, Concord

Gov., have a heart, expand Medicaid

On Thursday I joined the “Medicaid Expansion – Day of Action” rally to urge the N.C. legislature to accept Medicaid expansion as provided for in the Affordable Care Act.

If approved, an additional 500,000 low-income N.C. citizens would gain medical coverage and the state would receive an additional $20 billion in federal funding over the next 10 years.

Gov. McCrory, don’t let partisan politics prevent us from doing the right thing. Have a heart!

Michael O’Sullivan, Charlotte

Hike minimum wage and prices will rise

Movements to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour would set off a substantial new round of inflation, as surely as night follows day.

History of minimum wage increases proved to offer only temporary help, as other people’s wages were similarly adjusted upwards so companies had to raise prices for everything, devaluing the dollar for all.

Bill Brannon, Davidson

Wind power has a serious downside

In response to “N.C. must make room for more wind farms” (July 16 Forum):

A little research on the Internet would show Forum writer Jim Walker these uncomfortable facts:

▪ That the average output of wind power is 7 to 15 percent of the nameplate rated capacity.

▪ That Spain has drastically cut wind subsidies to contain mounting costs.

▪ That wind promoter Warren Buffet has said without millions paid in subsidies wind and solar would not make sense.

▪ That wind farms have killed hundreds of thousands of songbirds, raptors and bats here and abroad.

Those are just a few of the things wrong with wind farms.

Philip Howerton Jr., Charlotte