Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.20.15

Keith Brittain
Keith Brittain

Divisive, cowardly to deface monuments

In response to “2 memorials defaced” (July 16):

Defacing two monuments to the Confederacy was divisive if trying to prove a point, or just cowardly vandalism.

These memorials mark a time in history and are not pertinent today except to preserve history, much like a book.

A proper move by the City would be to display them at a protected site like the Mint Museum as an historical exhibit.

Castles in Scotland have writings that marginalize certain peoples of the times, but they are seen as history and preserved as such.

Danny E. Huntley, Charlotte

Tillis was right to meet with Cheney

In response to Eric Frazier “Tillis needs a better mentor” (July 17 Opinion):

What a narrow-minded piece by Eric Frazier criticizing Sen. Thom Tillis for meeting with Dick Cheney – a former U.S. vice president, former Secretary of Defense, former White House Chief of Staff, and U.S. House member.

I would consider it to be irresponsible for a sitting member of Congress not to meet with highly placed current and former officials of both parties to gather information and viewpoints.

John M. Reich, Huntersville

You can’t be serious, Sen. McKissick!

In response to “N.C. Legislature: Skeptics say tougher DWI laws hurt social drinkers” (July 17):

Kudos to Sen. Floyd McKissick, a Durham County Democrat. It’s about time someone stood up for the drunk drivers of the world.

Just because they cause a high percentage of the fatal accidents is no reason to treat them harshly.

Charging them $90 a month for the ignition interlock device will definitely cut into their beer budget. How unfair!

Todd M. Smith, Concord

Cancer Fairness Act matters for all

In response to “Carolinas patients pay more for oral chemotherapy” (July 16):

In 2014, half of all U.S. FDA-approved cancer treatments were oral medications. Sometimes they are the only prescribed treatment.

Patients should not be penalized because insurance laws have not kept up with modern medicine.

N.C. senators need to pass the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act now.

They will appreciate hearing from their constituents, not just ones who’ve had cancer but those who face cancer.

After all, that’s one out of three of us.

Mary T. Boyd, Charlotte

Seeing Atticus Finch in all his complexity

In response to Peter St. Onge “What do we do now with Lee’s classic?” (July 17):

Peter St. Onge’s commentary was right on the mark. The “new Atticus” is the same man the old one was, but this look at him shows even more the depth of character and integrity of the man.

The values and ideas he espoused in “Mockingbird” about equality before the law are even stronger when we find that his personal beliefs about the races were far different.

My thanks go to Mr. St. Onge for saying it far better than I could have.

Bruce Gorrell, Charlotte

Obama Iran plan puts U.S. at risk

In response to “White House presses critics to accept Iran deal” (July 16):

President Obama’s capitulation to Iran truly endangers U.S. national security and the security of our allies such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The deal leaves the Iranian nuclear infrastructure and program firmly intact, allows Iran to produce ballistic missiles to deliver the nuclear warheads, and gives the Islamist “thugocracy” mounds of cash to finance its terrorist proxies such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Syria.

Obama’s obsession with his “legacy” and promoting Iran brings the possibility of nuclear war closer than ever.

Keith T. Brittain, Pineville

GOP plan: magic wands, military force

I’ve heard President Obama’s Iran deal criticized as “the emperor has no clothes.”

I was thinking the same of the deal’s critics.

Tell me your plan and how it would work. Are magic wands and military force involved?

Does it come from the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz contingent that led “W” into Iraq for a nine-month $80 billion invasion that would transform the Middle East?

Yet, we are still mired in ISIS chaos after 13 years and $2 trillion.

Please, GOP, regale us with your battle plan.

Chip Potts, Mooresville