Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.21.15

I have faith in my counsel Stephens

In response to “Is McCrory’s counsel really this bad?” (July 20 editorial):

The writer is governor of North Carolina.

The Charlotte editorial writers have a choice. Do they continue to malign the actions of an outstanding public servant and lawyer with misleading facts; or do they just admit to their readers their elitist bias and lack of journalistic standards?

At least three times recently, the Observer distorted the facts at the expense of sound journalism and good public servants. The Charlotte Observer has lost its way. How can the readers have confidence any longer in this once respected newspaper?

I do not, but I do have confidence, respect and support in Charlotte native Bob Stephens.

Pat McCrory, Raleigh

McCain no hero? What did Trump do?

In response to “Trump goes after McCain” (July 19):

So Mr. Trump, John McCain is not a hero simply because he got captured after his airplane was shot down over Hanoi. My question to you is, “What did you do during the war?”

As a conservative and Air Force veteran (Korea), I had you on my list of possibles, but no longer. My wife agrees. You’ve been fired.

Xenophon Koinis, Matthews

GOP needs fearless fighter like Trump

In response to “Trump to critics: ‘You’re fired!’” (July 15):

Donald Trump has corporate America, moderate Republicans and the entire Democratic party scared to death with his presidential candidacy.

The GOP base need a fearless fighter that doesn’t care about being politically correct and what the media and corporate elites think.

Many conservative voters like Trump because most politicians that used to fly high and straight now fly like a june bug to the honey and money.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Kill Dodd-Frank? No 2008 redux needed

In response to “5 years on, consumers still paying price for Dodd-Frank” (July 19 Viewpoint):

Rep. Patrick McHenry omits why the financial crisis occurred in 2008. In large part, that crash was due to Republicans voting to roll back regulations on the financial sector. Dodd-Frank was put in place to help ensure another crash doesn’t happen.

To suggest that Dodd-Frank should be abandoned is the same folly that led to the 2008 crash. Perhaps Rep. McHenry can stop wasting time with his pretense of caring for the “unbanked” and can instead focus on actual solutions to help his constituents without enabling another financial disaster.

Chris Porier, Charlotte

Times change, so let’s move forward

Thank God the Confederate flag now rests in museums.

Black and white people have lived here together for hundreds of years. The future will be far more pleasant and productive if both races understand and respect the sensitivities of the other.

To many white Southerners, the Confederacy and flag have long represented symbols of hope, pride, unity and resilience. Most (including my family) were historically poor and worked very hard. They fought for the South and suffered from oppressive and discriminatory federal economic and taxation policies.

When I was a youngster, it was taboo to have black friends. Then the taboo went away and we became self thinking adults. We changed. Time to move forward.

Jim Carpenter, Charlotte

Observer, Herald were fine already

You apparently never heard “If it ain’t broke, don’t break it” because you broke the formats for both the (Rock Hill) Herald and the Observer.

Why is it necessary to change something that is working? You have ruined these two papers with your continual changes.

I have subscribed to both papers for many years and am disappointed in the staff of both.

Ross Martin, Sharon, S.C.

Hurrah for the Observer’s additions!

Finally! An Observer reminiscent of the ones I’ve been reading for over 50 years. I want to hold and feel my newspapers and savor, laugh, cry and be educated and given reason to think by good reporting. Lately, the most enjoyment derived from the daily issues was to stare in wonder at the lack of news and question how long loyal readers like us would continue to pay for such an abbreviated version. Hurrah for the much-needed additions! Also, please keep giving us commentary from Mark Washburn. His opinions are always on target.

Lana Loeb, Albemarle