Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.22.15

Rajive Tiwari
Rajive Tiwari

Rep. McHenry, temper that swag

In response to “5 years on, consumers still paying price for Dodd-Frank” (July 19 Viewpoint):

Dodd-Frank was an attempt to curb the shady, even delinquent, practices of too-big-to-fail actors which devastated not just U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry’s “Gastonia teenagers,” but their parents and grandparents too.

Dodd-Frank surely has problems that need fixing. Mr. McHenry would do well to temper his ideological swag, reach across the aisle, and bring the spirit of Dodd-Frank to life.

Lose the bathwater, by all means, but hold on to the baby, man!

Rajive Tiwari, Charlotte

McCrory is the one who has lost his way

In response to “I have faith in my counsel Stephens” (July 21 Forum):

You have to wonder why Gov. Pat McCrory, an intelligent man, consistently chooses stonewalling and arrogant attacks on critics over reasoned, straight-forward accountability.

Democracy demands a free press with the courage to speak truth to power.

I thought Gov. McCrory was a good mayor. In his quest for power and wealth, however, it appears he’s the one who has lost his way. He’s cooking his own goose.

Daniel VanAtta, Mint Hill

Finally, a candidate who speaks his mind

Is it me, or are all the other Republican “boys” afraid to pick a fight with Donald Trump?

Finally, a man willing to speak his mind without a 3-day “handlers” roundtable prior. Something about that has to be good.

Mike Wright, Matthews

Scared by Trump? Quite the opposite!

In response to “GOP needs fearless fighter like Trump” (July 21 Forum):

Forum writer Jim Cherry almost got it right: What Donald Trump is becoming is the self-serving braggart and blowhard the Limbaugh-wing feverishly champions.

And, no, the Democratic Party is not scared, but elated, happy, excited, and gleeful (Where’s my thesaurus?). Go, Donald!

Jerry Walden, Rock Hill

Fair trial for Kerrick is what matters here

In response to “CMPD officer’s trial starts Monday” (July 20) and related articles:

Why do people think Randall “Wes” Kerrick can get a fair trial, especially with all the folks assembling at the courthouse hours before the courtroom doors open?

It appears it’s no longer a matter of guilty or not guilty, just a matter of what will be decided and how it will affect Mecklenburg County and the state, whether there will be more speeches, marches and riots as we’ve seen in other parts of the country.

It’s time for the county and state to take a stand against the apparent threats of unrest and make sure Kerrick gets the fair and honest trial he deserves.

Jim Chandler, Mount Gilead

Find the courage to be tolerant, forgiving

In response to Mark Washburn “Icons of past mark progress, too” (July 19):

Mark Washburn offers words for thought to all of us. There are two qualities that are too often missing in our current population – tolerance and respect for others’ beliefs and history.

Whether it was the Civil War or the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, we are all equally entitled to honor our history.

The brave members of Emanuel AME Church have set forth the example.

Are we, regardless of race, courageous enough to be tolerant, respectful, and forgiving so that we can make a positive and peaceful influence on society?

Vicky Conrad, Davidson

Fed up with what I see at Freedom Park

At some point, Freedom Park turned into a cesspool for trash and inexcusable behavior.

I’ve seen trash every where, from Snickers wrappers to water bottles and used diapers.

Despite visible signage, individuals feed ducks and geese Wonder Bread as if it’s a necessary part of waterfowl diet. I even saw a fisherman laugh when he hooked a duck.

Why do we have such beautiful parks when clearly no one invests in the safety of the wildlife or cleanliness of the facilities and grounds?

At the very least, visitors must clean up after themselves and respect nature. Parks and Rec needs to take immediate action to protect these public spaces.

Jennifer Maskell, Huntersville