Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.23.15

Joan Gauker
Joan Gauker

City got lucky this time on trolley

In response to “CATS: Streetcar driver at fault” (July 22) and related articles:

Was the Gold Line an accident waiting to happen? Well, now it has happened. So what will those magnificent minds who run our city do to remedy the situation?

Someone needs to do some serious thinking about this braking situation before some driver or passenger in a car is seriously injured or killed.

The City got lucky this time by probably only having to replace a vehicle. They can’t replace a life.

So I ask: What will the ultimate price of “progress” end up costing the City?

Otha Morris, Charlotte

Gov. McCrory is right about the Observer

In response to “I have faith in my counsel Stephens” (July 21 Forum):

I agree 100 percent with Gov. Pat McCrory’s letter to the Forum.

It seems the Observer has written daily articles critical of McCrory regardless of what he does.

You are so far left that you can’t report the news without showing your bias.

As McCrory said: “How can the readers have confidence any longer in this once respected newspaper?”

You have picked up on the theory that if you print a lie often enough, we will think it is the truth. Shame on you!

John H. Smith, Peachland

McCrory’s defense is no defense at all

Gov. McCrory, the best you have to offer in defense of yourself and your chief counsel, Bob Stephens, is a critique of the newspaper, including accusing them of utilizing “misleading facts.”

So tell us, just what is a misleading fact. Is it a fact, or not?

Maybe we should just ask Bob, I’m sure he’ll come up with something.

Dierdre McCormick, Cornelius

Relegate monuments to the history books

In response to “Union Co. board ponders plan for Confederate flag” (July 21):

In Germany I did not see monuments to Nazi soldiers or the Nazi flag flying prominently at government buildings, yet that is a part of German history.

In contrast, we are told Confederate soldiers and the flag are lifted up today because, as Union County’s Stony Rushing puts it, “We’re just trying to preserve all our history, the good, the bad and the ugly.”

The place to preserve it all, Mr. Rushing, is in history books, not in public places.

Today’s Germans would be embarrassed to publicly display the swastika and all it stands for.

Sadly, Mr. Rushing and others continue to feel no embarrassment.

Joan Gauker, Monroe

Defend McCain, but not Kerry in 2004?

In response to “McCain no hero? What did Trump do?” (July 21 Forum) and related articles:

I agree with the writers expressing disgust at Donald Trump’s repulsive comments about Sen. John McCain’s service.

It would be nice if the prominent Republicans doing so, notably Jeb Bush and Rick Perry, had done so when John Kerry was being similarly slandered in 2004.

In fact, they both cheered on the despicable attacks on Kerry’s honor.

Douglas K. Brown, Mooresville

Trump has brought issues to forefront

If nothing else, “The Donald” has people thinking, watching, reading, listening.

Some love his brashness, his street-smart toughness, his fearless assault on political foes – Democrats or Republicans.

Mr. Trump once “loved” Hillary, was pro-choice, pro legalizing drugs, anti-war, and called for a one-time 14.25 percent tax on the wealthy – not exactly conservative views.

He is much too scrambled to get elected, but he has surely shaken some tail feathers and brought some major issues to the forefront.

Can’t wait for the debate sideshows.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Thanks to all at Physicians Reach Out

In response to “Doctors offer free care with dignity” (July 20):

Almost everyone, at some point in their life, has heard someone say “if you have your health you have everything.”

Without it, you cannot work or function properly.

Thank you, Physicians Reach Out for your humane offering to the community and for promoting good health.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews