Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.24.15

John Lowery
John Lowery

Whites get benefit of doubt, blacks don’t

In response to “We need a justice system that is worthy of its name” (July 23 Viewpoint):

I have to echo Leonard Pitts’ sentiments. It goes to the heart of why so many people of color have so many deadly confrontations with police.

White people usually get the benefit of the doubt, where as minorities don’t.

Black people are viewed by some people in power as guilty until proven innocent.

John Lowery, Charlotte

Texas driver should have complied

In response to “Dashcam video reignites debate” (July 23):

What did you see in the video of the arrest of the Texas driver who later allegedly committed suicide in her cell?

I saw an arrogant woman pulled over for a legitimate infraction, yet full of attitude, encountering a law enforcement officer frustrated and fed up with her misbehavior and disobedience.

You may have seen something else if your politics or experiences are different from mine.

But had she simply complied with lawful authority, we wouldn’t be looking at this video, and I wouldn’t be writing this letter.

Tom Massey, Waxhaw

Trump as Samson, trying to slay GOP

I’m beginning to envision Donald Trump as a modern day Samson.

Imprisoned by his monstrous ego and huge head of hair, offending everyone around him, he is finally trapped in the Temple of Egotism, where people like himself are destined to wind up.

As he struggles to free himself, he pushes so hard the walls fall down around him. He realizes too late that it’s not a temple, but the Republican Party.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte

Iran treaty delays nuclear bomb threat

It would be nice if those condemning the pact with Iran would have at least read the report. We are not the only country involved in this and cannot go it alone.

When running for re-election this year, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, showed a cartoon drawing of a bomb from Iran that, according to him, would be ready in one week!

Now, he is upset that we have delayed that possibility by 10-15 years!

Roberta Leonard, Boone

‘Left-wing idea’? No, it came from GOP

In response to “McCrory threatens to veto tax bill” (July 22):

In the article about Gov. Pat McCrory threatening to veto a bill that would redistribute state sales tax revenues, he called it a “left wing idea.”

Once again our governor confuses the citizens of North Carolina. A Republican is the one who introduced this bill.

Let’s get the facts straight, Gov.

Chris Turner, Charlotte

Local TV content a ‘hot mess,’ here’s why

In response to “Fox 46 abandons newscast formula” (July 22):

The writer is a retired TV station manager/consultant.

Fox46’s “bold experiment” was a disaster due to unprofessional staff, self-absorbed trivial content, and tech-toy infatuation. Now it’s in the same trap as the other four local TV stations.

The Charlotte metropolitan area doesn’t have enough real news to fill the countless hours of air time. Stations don’t have the appropriate amount of news personnel to cover the market.

The result is content defined by crime, car wrecks, house fires, and endless weather hype. Add the insulting commercial glut, and you get one hot mess.

Richard Kurlander, Charlotte

Polk building an eyesore far too long

The James K. Polk Building at West Trade and Graham streets projects a very bad impression to the many visitors and sports fans who visit beautiful BB&T Ballpark and Bank of America Stadium.

If we want to be a world-class city, this building should be renovated or demolished.

I have been a business owner near Graham Street for almost 50 years. We have waited long enough!

Bob Cockerham, Denver, N.C.

Susan Smith doesn’t deserve to be heard

How dare you print the article on Susan Smith. (“Susan Smith writes to defend herself,” July 22):

She killed her two young children and tried to blame it on a black man.

There is no defense for that. Thank God the truth came out.

Everyone has a bad day, or as she said becomes “distraught.” They don’t kill their own children.

She should never have been allowed to express her thoughts, especially in a newspaper.

Paul Zemenz, Sherrills Ford