Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.27.15

Seeing through Foxx’s trolley folly

If there were ever a streetcar named “Desire,” this is it.

In business “desire” is not a justification.

Historically, cities rid themselves of streetcars because of their cost, inefficiency and interference with automobile traffic.

To say that it will promote development along its route is nonsense given all the government buildings in the area. Does one think that lawyers going to court and meetings will hop on the streetcar?

Ah, but then there is the romance of the “past,” and perhaps it will be a tourist attraction.

Frank Bolt, Charlotte

N.C. GOP policies are hurting the state

In response to “N.C. unemployment rate rises to 5.8 percent” (July 22):

The Raleigh Republicans have cut taxes on the hyper-wealthy, slashed our investments in public education and transportation to the point we need toll roads, and degraded environmental regulations.

Why you ask? Because the GOP said it would turn the state around.

Well, it certainly has.

If your child can’t read, there are potholes all over your road, and you can’t breathe the air – thank a Republican. They worked very hard to make it that way.

William D. Charnock, Charlotte

What will it take for us to act on guns?

No change after 32 killed at Virginia Tech in 2007.

No change after 20 children, six adults killed at Sandy Hook in 2012.

No change after 12 killed and 70 injured in Aurora, Colo.

No change after nine killed in Charleston. Now five in Chattanooga.

We as a people have spoken and said we are OK with this. Our guns are more important.

David Hawk, Rock Hill

Trump mania a sign of the political times

Too many Americans do not trust in the authenticity of our leaders. Donald Trump’s success in taking advantage of this is an indication of where the nation is going.

We will come to the place, through the paucity of forthrightness, where the people will throw themselves at the feet of any political adventurer who excites their fancy.

Christopher J. Hollins, Charlotte

Cancer treatment act would benefit all

In response to “Carolinas patients pay more for oral chemotherapy” (July 16):

The N.C. Cancer Treatment Fairness Act will help to ensure health insurance plans cover oral chemotherapy in the same way they cover IV treatments.

It makes no sense for so many people faced with cancer to be needlessly subjected to expenses they cannot afford simply based on whether the treatment is taken orally or intravenously.

On behalf of cancer patients across the state, I urge our lawmakers to support the North Carolina Cancer Treatment Fairness Act.

M.L. Hunter, Charlotte

Do the right thing: Expand Medicaid

In response to “I have faith in my counsel Stephens” (July 21 Forum):

Gov. Pat McCrory states that his counsel Bob Stephens is an outstanding public servant. Does he want North Carolinians to say the same about him?

Every night he goes to sleep knowing that he and his loved ones have health insurance should they need it.

Every night North Carolina’s uninsured go to bed feeling helpless because they have no health coverage.

Yet, the governor still refuses to expand Medicaid.

Governor, there are 500,000 of your citizens depending on you to be an outstanding public servant, one who is caring and compassion.

Right now N.C. leadership just feels cruel.

Kathryn McCurdy, Taylorsville

Underfunding education hurts N.C.

In response to “The secret sauce to education reform” (July 18 Viewpoint):

Those who think we need to continue to save money by underfunding education need to read Kay McSpadden’s article about the “secret sauce” for education.

It’s not much of a secret. Just like buying new tires, you get what you pay for.

It’s sad that the N.C. legislature does not believe this applies to education.

Starting your life today with a good education and skills to earn a living is the least we owe kids in public schools.

Joe Mooney, Charlotte

Reveal who Planned Parenthood supports

It would be a service to your readers if you would reveal which politicians, in both parties, receive financial contributions from Planned Parenthood. Thank you.

John E. Lane, Charlotte