Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.26.15

Bolyn McClung
Bolyn McClung

Counting on CEOs to draw us together

In response to Taylor Batten “Don’t be shy, CEOs, in shaping Charlotte” (July 24):

We are a community of neighborhoods, but not neighbors. In my lifetime, that has been the drag even when dynamic leadership has excelled.

The benefits of their diligence didn’t often spill over neighborhood fences. There was a mistaken belief that what was good for one was available for most.

Today we may finally be ready to be sharing neighbors. Can these 25 CEOs help us along that path?

Bolyn McClung, Pineville

Will drought/cash cycle repeat?

In response to “Charlotte asks for water conservation” (July 21):

Remember back a couple of years ago.... The City declared a drought. The water department didn’t generate enough revenue because of decreased usage, so the City significantly raised water rates.

Drought went away, water usage went back up, revenues soared, and expenses increased using up all the revenue.

And then we move on to the next drought/cash cycle a year or two down the road.

Have I got that right?

Roy Brown, Charlotte

Vote, but with Social Security in mind

In response to “Social Security Disability Fund could run dry in 2016” (July 23):

If this doesn’t get people to register and out to vote in 2016, then nothing will.

Now is the time to vote your own best interest and forget the “red herring” social issues.

E.T. Shafer, Seven Devils

Let’s put an end to personalized tags

In response to “Want custom PL8? DMV may not OK it” (July 22):

My suspicion is that personalized plates were initiated as a way for the state to increase revenue without taxing everyone.

The $10-$30 price seemed reasonable, and obviously was attractive to many people.

It is likely now that the administrative costs for review, sanction and legal expenses must grossly exceed the revenue that is generated.

To increase net revenues, the option for personalized license plates should be terminated.

Also, adding the requirement for a front plate could eliminate another unintended consequence – an open space on the front of a vehicle where anyone could add their own “personalized plate” without restriction.

Charles Mayer, Indian Land, S.C.

Hold arrestees and police accountable

In many of the recent stories about police shootings that I have read or viewed on TV, the “victim” repeatedly failed to obey police commands.

Maybe this rash of police misconduct has as much to do with a generation’s general lack of respect for authority as it does with police officers gone wild.

Perhaps this problem might be solved if we identified accountability on both sides of the issue.

Catherine Stout, Indian Trail

Expand Medicaid; so many in N.C. need it

Think of the people you encounter daily: the daycare teacher, construction workers, restaurant servers, baristas, cashiers, etc.

These are all hard-working people in jobs that rarely offer benefits.

When these N.C. taxpayers get sick, it is nearly impossible for them to get the treatment they need.

The federal government has designated funds to purposely cover our state’s expansion of Medicaid, and researchers have determined that the N.C.-specific plan would create over 43,000 jobs over four years.

Sounds easy, right? It is.

All we need is Gov. Pat McCrory to release his expansion plan.

Nina Rossi, Charlotte

I suggest a better use of Cheney’s time

In response to “Tillis was right to meet with Cheney” (July 20 Forum) and related articles:

Rather than spending his time handing out biased advice to naive freshman senators, former Vice President Dick Cheney should spend a full day with the family of each service member killed in the Iraq war.

Some 4,490 of our finest young men and women lost their lives in that conflict.

By my calculation that should keep the former veep appropriately occupied for about 12 years. Seems fair.

Dan Laurent, Charlotte