Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.28.15

Another shooting. Another example of gun loopholes

John Houser opened fire on innocent people in a Lafayette, La., movie theater, killing two and wounding nine. He then killed himself. He legally purchased the murder weapon in an Alabama pawn shop in 2014 despite an arrest record, a history of domestic violence and an involuntary commitment to a mental institution.

This case cries out for uniform federal legislation to close dangerous loopholes and keep guns out of the hands of people like John Houser. The public supports such legislation. The gun lobby blocks it. The slaughter continues.

Joseph J. Salerno, Charlotte

Deluge of problem schools will hit N.C.

In response to “School vouchers: Blight or blessing?” (July 25):

Beware the “hustler academies.” That is the term being used in other states where largely unregulated schools get taxpayer money to provide alternate education, often with poor results.

Look for unaccredited instructors, inexperienced administration, and profiteers hiding behind “non-profits.” All of this already exists elsewhere and has already been spotted creeping into North Carolina. Now the deluge.

Wes Jackson, Matthews

Lucrative sports don’t need handouts

In response to “NBA All-Star game needs almost $6M from Charlotte” (July 25):

Did I read this correctly – the NBA All Star Game “needs” $6 million from the City of Charlotte?

Yeah, right. Just as much as Jerry Richardson “needs” money from the city to upgrade BofA Stadium.

Pro sports leagues are among the most lucrative businesses in existence today, thanks to ticket sales, broadcast revenues, and merchandise licensing. How dare they claim they “need” more money.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Washburn right about streetcar’s many issues

In response to “Runaway streetcar has deeper problems” (July 26):

I found Mark Washburn's commentary hilarious, informative and an eye opener to the cost of a streetcar “not named Desire.” My question would be if the streetcar transports 1,100 people weekly, how much revenue would this create in a year and how many years would it take to recoup the cost of $37 million?

Sounds like another taxpayer waste. With all the congested traffic downtown and over the entire city of Charlotte why in the world do we need the streetcars?

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte

Gun in the pulpit contrary to Christ

In response to “Charlotte pastor plans to pack heat from the pulpit” (July 25):

I read with great dismay the article about Pastor Brenda Stevenson planning to carry a firearm into the pulpit with her. I am a Christian and believe that taking a firearm into a church is contrary to Jesus’ message of love. Who is going to feel welcomed in such a place if they know the pastor carries a firearm with the implicit intention of using it if needed?

And, we know from recent events that innocent people often get shot in confrontational situations.

William Short, Charlotte

Challenge police in court, not on street

In response to “Bland’s traffic stop should not have ended in tragedy” (July 25 Viewpoint):

The proper place to prove the rightfulness of actions is not beside the road arguing with the accuser. Police officers have difficult jobs and make mistakes.

One grandson, who could be verbally challenging, was told, by his grandmother, to do exactly what the officer requested and not argue about anything. He came home with a ticket and assured us it was incorrect. He insisted he was right and the officer was wrong. He went to court and the judge agreed and dismissed the charge.

Arguing with a police officer is usually not in the person's best interest. The place to prove the correctness of officer actions is in a court of law.

Scott Hopkins, Linville

Officer’s behavior led to Bland’s death

The death of Sandra Bland would not have happened if the arresting officer had behaved in a professional manner. Having stopped Bland for failing to signal a lane change merited a citation, nothing more.

That she was wrestled to the ground displayed a loss of control on the part of the officer. I wonder if she had been white would what followed have happened.

Robert Prowler, Statesville