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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.29.15

Curtis Elliott
Curtis Elliott

Treat Hillary like Gen. Petraeus was

In response to “With Clinton, a test for the attorney general” (July 26 Editorial):

Congratulations to the Observer for this editorial advocating a full investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email practices, some of which involved potentially classified State Department material.

How in the world can the government ignore her email practices under these circumstances given the intensive level of FBI scrutiny brought to bear on Gen. David Petraeus?

The credibility of the Justice Department is at stake. And prosecution aside, voters are watching closely to see if Ms. Clinton is someone the people can really trust.

Curtis Elliott, Charlotte

Race of Kerrick jurors doesn’t matter

In response to “Kerrick jury won’t mirror county diversity” (July 28):

According to the laws of the land, the jury should be a panel of the accused’s peers, not reflect the victim’s race.

Also, Officer Wes Kerrick is innocent until proven guilty – or did you forget that part too?

Shirley P. Baucom, Monroe

Kerrick jury should have more blacks

The makeup of the Kerrick jury just about guarantees his acquittal. Two black women and one black man. How could the prosecution allow this racial makeup?

Rudy Abrams, Charlotte

More guns a solution to crime? Ridiculous.

In response to “In America, more guns means less crime” (July 28 Opinion):

I can imagine that same headline in 2025, years after a crazy future Congress has mandated every citizen must own a gun.

But one will not be enough, as the criminals will have more.

Adding fuel to the fire never extinguishes the fire. Putting snipers on rooftops would also stop crime. But that is a little ridiculous, isn’t it?

So is using more guns as an argument as a solution to crime.

Robin Drechsel, Charlotte

McCrory could learn from S.C. Gov. Haley

In response to “Fellow Republicans toughen on McCrory” (July 27):

Sen. Harry Brown’s comment was true. Our governor still acts like a mayor.

Whether he is at the I-485 completion ceremony or getting his photo taken with Stevie Nicks at a Fleetwod Mac concert, he needs to do his job and stop the glad-handing.

Perhaps we could send him down to South Carolina and have Gov. Nikki Haley do some cross-training. She certainly gets things done.

Wesley Fritsche, Charlotte

Delay on climate change has high cost

In response to “Faison aims to change world” (July 27):

I applaud Jay Faison for committing part of his personal fortune to convince Republicans to finally act on climate change.

But what does is say about our system when it takes money, not scientific facts, to get our politicians to act?

No issue we face today – not Iran, Russia or ISIS – is as threatening to the human race as climate change. And we’ve wasted precious decades in dealing with it because so many people have been making so much money off the old, toxic, fossil fuel technologies.

I’m grateful for Faison’s commitment, but the U.S. will continue to be hamstrung as long as big money controls our politicians.

Bob Thomason, Charlotte

Yes, it’s time we all talked about race

In response to “‘We Need To Talk’ Helping Charlotte talk about race” (July 26):

I read the article about Danny Trapp and his plan to get Charlotte – and all of us – talking about race, with joy. What a wonderful concept!

“Let us go across to the other side” and listen, talk and understand. And, as Danielle Hilton pointed out, “If you feel uncomfortable, then you are on your way.”

I’m reminded of a quote by Maya Angelou: “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

Peggy Reinhardt, Statesville

I’m fed up with unthinking drivers

I am so frustrated and irritated with unthinking people who feel they can park “just for a few minutes” in handicap spaces.

I require the use of that space.

When you park there to run into Starbucks or the dry cleaners I have to drive around searching for another spot.

And, I may have to park a distance away and walk to my destination.

To those who park illegally in handicap spaces: If you want my space, you may also have my handicap!

Sandra Broske, Charlotte