Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.30.15

Workers deserve better pay, treatment

In response to “Companies brace for OT plan” (July 29):

The cold fact is that employers take advantage of minimum wage laws.

They pay what they have to. Regardless of one’s age, hours worked can be manipulated.

Salaried employees working for free over 40 hours a week is borderline criminal. Pay Americans and improve standards of living for everyone, including a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Ninety-nine percent of the raise will go back into America’s economy.

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

Assumptions about Kerrick jury wrong

In response to “Kerrick jury should have more blacks” (July 29 Forum):

Forum writer Rudy Abrams seems to believe that the racial makeup of the jury is the only important factor in Wes Kerrick’s trial.

By her thinking, evidence be damned – both black and white jurors will make a determination based solely on skin color, not on evidence.

Apparently all black people will vote to convict, and all white people will vote to acquit. That’s repulsive.

Lisa Buch, Concord

Clinton left long trail of entanglements

In response to “Clinton’s newest email fuss is hardly a scandal” (July 29 Viewpoint):

Ruth Marcus hit the nail squarely on the head when she speaks of Hillary Clinton’s “latest” controversy.

Can anyone fail to see that this woman has moved from one self-induced controversy and crisis to another?

It begs the question: Why would anyone seriously consider this woman to be the leader of our country?

Dexter Greene, Charlotte

‘More guns’ article flawed, misleading

In response to “In America, more guns mean less crime” (July 28 Viewpoint):

Op-ed columnist John Lott Jr. focuses on permits issued rather than actual gun possession. Lott himself points out that in 10 states no permits are even required for gun-totin’.

Lott also mixes in polls about how safe people feel. Interesting, but what’s the link to scientific research on guns and crime?

How good a researcher is this president of the Crime Prevention Research Center? He had a 1997 paper on the subject discredited!

Eugene Kusterer, Charlotte

Telling that minority honorees overlooked

In response to Mark Washburn “Diversity question on stage with honorees” (July 29):

The writer is a former WDAV station manager.

Central Piedmont Community College was right to quickly backtrack in its failure to include minorities in its inaugural round of Charlotte Broadcast Hall of Fame inductees.

Suggestions by Colette Forrest of Hattie “Chatty Hatty” Leeper, “Genial Gene” Potts, and “Rockin’ Ray” Gooding are terrific.

The fact that it took a campaign to remedy the oversight speaks volumes about the racial issue in this town. Out of sight, out of mind.

John H. Clark, Charlotte

School voucher decision disappoints

In response to Our View “Politics and the high court” (July 25 Editorial):

With the recent ruling by the N.C. Supreme Court on vouchers for private schools, it seems the legislature is now free to throw any tax money for schools into the private sector, in spite of what the N.C. Constitution says.

I really hoped that N.C. Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood’s ruling would stand when he ruled tax money for private schools was unconstitutional.

It is sad when the N.C. Supreme Court is influenced by politics on a constitutional point of law.

Herb Joyner, Monroe

Benefits to restored relations with Cuba

In response to “Charlotte residents reflect on thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations” (July 29):

As a former Miami resident, I’m definitely in favor of the improving relations with Cuba.

The young Cubans of today, whether in Cuba, South Florida or elsewhere, are looking forward to the changes.

While some older Cubans may harbor a grudge against the past regime, it’s time for them realize you can’t just go back to the “olden days,” and frankly do you want to?

With Cuba only 90 miles from Key West, I’m looking forward to visiting the Latin “Capital of the Caribbean.”

Paul Korry, Fort Mill, S.C.