Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.02.15

Leaving schools in a lurch unconscionable

In response to “With no 2015 budget completed, schools in the state worry” (July 30):

The writer is director of middle schools for Cabarrus County Schools.

It is reprehensible that our legislature cannot accomplish one of their primary functions in a timely manner – passing a budget by July 1.

It is unconscionable that our school districts and other state entities are put into a position of trying to guess what their budgets will be and make hiring/firing decisions based on what – a Ouija board?

If the legislators can’t get the job done, they should do the honorable thing and resign so someone else who has the will and skill can replace them.

These public servants need to be held accountable for their lack of job performance.

Cheryl Milam, Huntersville

Obama’s trade deal not good for N.C.

President Obama and supporters think the Trans-Pacific trade deal will increase exports, jobs, and raise wages. Really?

Haven’t we heard this before? Remember NAFTA? From 1994 to 2012, the U.S. lost 682,900 jobs, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

North Carolina lost much of its furniture manufacturing, textile business, and related shipping and repair businesses.

Those industries never recovered. What makes this deal any better?

Richard Lynch, Charlotte

Where’s GOP call to punish employers?

If Donald Trump and other conservative Republican presidential candidates really wanted to combat the illegal immigrant problem, they’d be demanding harsh punishment for employers who hire illegals.

Arresting and jailing contractors, hotel managers, and restaurant owners would send a sharp message to the criminals violating U.S. labor laws by hiring illegals. And the “good ones” would have nothing to worry about.

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

Cerullo is smart, dedicated, ethical

In response to “Inspirational CEO made $5.7M in 2013” (July 31):

I have never given money to, nor done business with, Inspirational Network, but I can tell you from meetings I’ve been in where David Cerullo was present that he is as smart a businessman as I have ever crossed paths with – and one of the most ethical and straightforward!

Inspirational Network is fortunate to have someone like him making business decisions and positioning them for the future.

He could be managing a Fortune 500 company making much more money with a lot less stress. But that ministry is his heart and soul, and he’s right where he wants to be. The ministry is better off for that.

Mark Estep, Charlotte

Gun purchases don’t tell full story on crime

In response to “In America, more guns means less crime” (July 28 Viewpoint):

Viewpoint writer John Lott tells us Americans bought record numbers of guns last year and crime rates went down.

That’s like saying Americans bought record numbers of Fitbits last year (true) and crime rates went down (true).

However, we don’t know if either Fitbits or owning guns caused crime rates to drop because association is not causation.

Along with crime data, we must also examine the changes in domestic violence, suicide, mental illness, and accidental shooting deaths with gun availability. Then, we can have an accurate picture of what more guns mean for America.

Linda Berne, Charlotte

Put the brakes on death penalty bill

In response to “Senate votes to hide execution details” (July 29):

If a behavior is even minimally embarrassing or tasteless we tend to hide it.

The secrecy being sought by N.C. legislators regarding the lethal chemicals used to carry out the death penalty is neither surprising nor precedent setting.

The whole practice is masked in furtiveness, so concealment is logical.

It would be prudent for Gov. Pat McCrory to put the brakes on this until more equanimity can be brought to bear by the entire nation on the issue of capital punishment.

Joe Moran, Durham

Breathe deep, enjoy those red lights

So waiting at stoplights is a time waster? (“Red arrow makes right turns confusing,” July 27)

Oh ye of little patience!

This is the perfect time to reflect on the ways you’ve helped make another person’s day a little easier, or think about how you might perform a good deed, or take a moment to bask in the inner warmth that helping others brings.

Green light – GO!

Janet Lama, Charlotte