Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.05.15

A mistake to defund Planned Parenthood

In response to “Our sex-crazed Congress” (Aug. 4 Viewpoint):

Tuesday’s article by Nicholas Kristof should be mandatory reading for all Americans.

Are we not smart enough to realize that the unsubstantiated hype against Planned Parenthood is just a political ploy to divert voter attention?

Like it or not, Planned Parenthood is a conservative’s best friend.

They are doing the job that society is refusing to do: educating and supporting women and men on how to stay healthy while preventing unwanted pregnancies that result in dreadful news headlines.

Larry Elder, Charlotte

There’s no need for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood claims the videos were selectively edited. When your medical directors are discussing the cost of organs from a baby like parts on a car, what is there to edit?

As for Planned Parenthood being such a healthcare provider, why as taxpayers are we paying double? There is not a service they provide that is not covered by Obamacare.

Shame on politicians who are more worried about being re-elected than doing what’s right!

James B. Hall, Charlotte

Don’t be fooled by inaccurate spin

In response to “Fetal material should be donated, not sold” (Aug. 4 Forum):

Forum writer Mike Wilhelm is right that Planned Parenthood should donate, not sell, fetal tissue. As the unedited versions of the undercover videos plainly show, this is exactly what they do. Recovering costs associated with shipping is not “selling.”

Furthermore, federal money, by law, cannot be used to fund abortions and defunding Planned Parenthood would only serve to undercut the 97 percent of work they do that is unrelated to abortion.

This, ironically, includes provision of birth control which reduces the number of abortions performed.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Ken Braswell, Concord

Foster peace, rather than feed protest

In response to Peter St. Onge “Will this trial be a test for Charlotte?” (Aug. 3 Opinion):

In the aftermath of recent high-profile, race-related incidents there has been an oft-repeated slogan: No justice, no peace.

Let’s be up front and truthful. Clearly that is a threat of violence, of destruction, yes, even death.

Perhaps our community leaders might consider working to change that slogan to: Know justice, know peace. Then, work to help us all to be confident the system in place really does work, for all of us.

Coy Powell, Charlotte

Scotland County needs new freeway

In response to “Scotland County grows creative on recruiting” (Aug. 3):

Missing from an otherwise thorough article on the challenges of recruiting industry to Scotland County is the fact that North Carolina continues to delay a new I-74 project through the heart of one of the state’s most economically distressed counties.

The new freeway between the Rockingham and Laurinburg bypasses should have been an excellent candidate for funding under the state’s new approach to transportation planning, designed to enhance mobility between rural towns and economic development centers.

However, it was not included in the 2016-25 transportation plan. How much longer will Scotland County have to wait?

Tracy M. Hamm, Charlotte

Elect leaders who’ll support EPA plan

In response to “N.C. to fight plan to cut emissions” (Aug. 4):

On July 25 Germany used renewable energy to meet 78 percent of its electricity demand that day – a national record achieved primarily from solar and wind energy.

But in North Carolina, legislators are trying to roll back our renewable energy goal. Solar and wind energy could easily allow North Carolina to meet the EPA’s Clean Power Plan rules announced Monday.

But Gov. Pat McCrory plans to fight the EPA in court. We need new leadership in North Carolina.

Steve Copulsky, Charlotte

Care Ring needs dentists to volunteer

Since the Observer ran the article “Doctors offer free care with dignity” (July 20) an overwhelming number of people have called Care Ring asking to receive free dental care through the Physicians Reach Out program.

While we are so glad to start helping these new patients, we must have more dentists volunteer.

My hope is that this serves as a “call to action” for Mecklenburg dentists. Call 704-248-3739 to volunteer.

Dr. Tricia Rodney, Charlotte