Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.06.16

Don’t loosen builder regulations in N.C.

In response to “Senate streams bill has sides at odds” (Aug. 5):

Where will it end with our Republican legislature? Now they’ve decided builders are overburdened with rules and regulations.

The current rules were instituted because our environment was being destroyed. Most of us know the horror stories associated with builders taking shortcuts by destroying natural water flows.

The reality is that Sen. Phil Berger, House Speaker Tim Moore, and the automatons in the Republican legislature want the cash that will flow their way by protecting builders from doing the right thing.

It’s on the citizens of North Carolina if we let this continue past the next election.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

Address problems Obama has created

In response to Our View “5 things we want to hear on Thursday” (Aug. 5 Editorial):

What kind of smoke fills the editorial room up there? Do you really think in the few minutes allowed each participant during the debate that anyone could articulate the intricate details to solve problems that President Obama hasn’t solved in 61/2 years?

How about questions on the problems Obama has created?

Ken Rowsam, Chester, S.C.

Corporate powers must also collaborate

In response to Our View “A crossroads for Charlotte” (Aug. 1 Editorial):

The writer is former executive director of Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance.

This editorial was spot-on in calling for “grassroots activists and everyday citizens at the table when major transportation decisions go down.”

To do so requires constant vigilance and the capacity for collaboration.

The recent hiring of a bicycle program director by the Transportation Choices Alliance, an arm of Sustain Charlotte, may bode well for the future. But there also needs to be a willingness on the part of the corporate powers – not least the Charlotte Chamber – to proactively engage partners outside the business arena when it comes to meeting our many transportation needs.

Martin Zimmerman, Charlotte

Seek truth on fetal tissue donation

In response to “Fetal material should be donated, not sold” (Aug. 4 Forum):

Apparently Forum writer Mike Wilhelm did not read Dr. Ann Newman’s op-ed piece (“Misplaced hysteria,” Aug. 1 Opinion).

If he had, he would have learned the history and what actually happens to fetal tissue after an abortion. Her frank and honest discussion is the first I’ve read that actually states the facts.

It’s time we do our research before we speak and have a knee-jerk reaction about what the media portrays as the truth. This holds true for all debates and issues of today.

Jill Solow, Charlotte

Planned Parenthood practices uncivilized

Planned Parenthood is the biggest scam going, but its supporters either will not listen to the facts or simply ignore them.

After World War II when the stories started streaming out about the Nazi experiments on human life, the United States and the entire civilized world was appalled at such blatant evil.

This is a travesty of monumental proportions and should grievously offend us.

Mary Pat Arostegui, Matthews

Planned Parenthood a vital resource

In response to “A mistake to defund Planned Parenthood” (Aug. 5 Forum) and related articles:

Thank you Forum writer Larry Elder, Dr. Ann Newman and Viewpoint columnist Nicholas Kristof for sharing your wisdom and voices of reason.

Prevention of unwanted pregnancies through education and birth control is the path to success for all women.

Ann Davis, Cornelius

Bring those BofA jobs back to N.C.

In response to “Latest BofA shakeup means fewer top execs in Charlotte” (July 31):

I will never understand why Bank of America does not shift many more employees to Charlotte from New York and Boston just to save millions in operating costs.

The cost to do business in New York and Boston is so much greater than Charlotte it’s not funny.

Shareholders should demand it. There is no business reason to be in New York or Boston.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte