Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.10.15

Hudson misleads N.C. on clean energy

In response to Feedback “You can’t breathe easy yet, Charlotte” (Aug. 6 Opinion):

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson is misleading the public about hazards that will occur if North Carolina continues its work toward even cleaner air and water.

North Carolina has done good work toward cleaner air and water with no proof of jobs lost, economic disaster, forced closure of power plants, infrastructure delays etc.

Fact: Investments in clean energy technology create new jobs! These investments and jobs are usually outside the fossil fuel and coal industries, which are major contributors to our air pollution, water pollution, and the re-election of many Washington legislators.

Please Mr Hudson, no more false information!

North Carolina should continue investments in pollution reduction and clean energy to ensure our water and air will be clean for future generations.

John Costenoble, Denver, N.C.

Two solutions for GOP to consider

Two obvious solutions to problems mentioned during Thursday night’s Republican debate...

On Social Security: Raising or removing the earnings cap above $118,500 would create solvency far into the future.

On immigration: No one discussed the employers who benefit from the illegal immigrants. No demand, no supply!

Roy Courtney, Denver, N.C.

Destroying phones? Graham disappoints

In response to “Graham smashes phones in new video” (July 22 CharlotteObserver.com):

Vote for a Republican candidate – U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham – who could not figure out to change his phone number, instead of destroying several cell phones that could have been donated to a women’s crisis shelter to be reused as emergency 911 phones?

What a waste of phones and a vote!

E.T. Shafer, Seven Devils

I applaud Sec. Wos’ job performance

In response to Our View “Wos steps down, not a moment too soon” (Aug. 6 Editorial):

You may not like Aldona Wos’ performance as Secretary of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, but there is now a surplus in the state’s Medicaid budget rather than a big loss.

How many, many years did the Democrats show that they couldn’t balance the same budget?

According to Observer editors Wos was in a job that was “over her head.” Let’s hope her successor can perform as well.

Ed Garland, Charlotte

He’s right, Americans are too quick to vilify

In response to “Africans don’t cry for lions” (Aug. 6 Viewpoint):

Thanks to Viewpoint writer Goodwell Nzou for providing some perspective to the Great Lion Uproar of 2015.

The social media crowd, and any American for that matter, would be wise to read and save the last five paragraphs of his commentary. He nails our collective habit of instantly vilifying others rather than looking deeper to utilize critical thinking skills – skills that many apparently don’t possess.

Regardless of one’s opinion on Cecil’s demise, we clearly have way more important issues that merit our energy.

Jeff Kaylor, Mount Holly

I’m seeing Cecil in a very different light

This op-ed piece gave a totally different view of our reaction to Cecil the lion!

Goodwell Nzou points out that Cecil and other lions are not Simba from “The Lion King.” They are feared and looked upon as killers in Zimbabwe.

Lions kill their livestock and sometimes people.

It’s kind of the way we view mountain lions here, where they are often killed as well. Very good observations, Nzou!

Peter J. Augusta, Charlotte

Shouldn’t have to pay to block robocalls

Robocalls are at the very least an inconvenience for many of us.

I know of four devices/computer programs that will block them. Three require substantial fees.

We hear a great deal today about privacy. Aren’t unsolicited, unwanted telephone calls an invasion of privacy?

Yes, there is the national “do not call list,” which today is a joke.

Pay for a “service” to block calls?

I’m old enough to remember the good ol’ days when store owners had to pay the mob for “protection.” Is there a difference?

Robert Swanson, Charlotte