Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.09.15

Race played no role in Ferrell’s death

In response to “Jonathan Ferrell faced three officers; only the white one used deadly force” (Aug. 6 CharlotteObserver.com):

(The writer is a retired SBI agent.)

In Eric Frazier’s commentary he asks why two black police officers did not fire weapons but the white officer did, clearly suggesting a racial bias on the part of the white officer.

Apparently, Frazier failed to read the covering officer’s deposition, which said that if he had been in Officer Wes Kerrick’s position he would have fired too.

To suggest a racial motivation for Jonathan Ferrell’s death belies the facts of the case.

Ferrell’s death is the result of his poor decisions – driving after drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, damaging personal property, and failure to obey a lawful order.

David Ramsey, Mooresville

Gay leaders benefit gay Scouts like me

In response to “Boy Scouts’ decision isn’t really about the kids at all” (Aug. 5 Viewpoint):

Lifting the ban on gay leaders is for the children.

It is for all the Boy Scouts who are alone and struggling to find themselves.

Put yourself in our shoes and imagine for a moment that you were growing up different in an organization where there is no leader like you, and the only exposure to things like you are pornography and gay jokes.

As a gay Boy Scout, I have lived that, and it is no way to raise children.

We deserve leaders who reflect who we are: gay Boy Scouts who are different from other Scouts, but very much the same.

Shepherd Ellis, Indian Trail

Election process being derailed again

Debate surrounding Planned Parenthood and other social/moral topics has taken center stage during this election period.

It appears the “core issues” that need to be addressed regarding our economy and government will be trumped again by emotionally charged moral issues.

It is sad that our attention is so easily distracted.

Dick Brolin, Mooresville

Follow Roberts on Planned Parenthood

In response to “Mayoral candidates spar over Planned Parenthood” (Aug. 6):

(The writer chairs board of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic.)

I was happy to learn in a campaign solicitation letter that Jennifer Roberts, candidate for mayor, is standing with Planned Parenthood.

I happen to know that at least two other mayoral candidates, Mayor Dan Clodfelter and David Howard, have very strong records in fighting for the issues important to women and families in this city and state.

I would hope that any responsible candidate hoping to lead our city would support the leading provider of reproductive health services for women and men, and would stand by Planned Parenthood against the distorted torrent of opposition which it is currently facing.

Jill Dinwiddie, Charlotte

CMS a leader in teacher effectiveness

In response to “Developing teachers is missing the mark” (Aug. 6):

(The writer is a State Board of Education and CMS board member.)

The Observer missed the mark on a recent report to the State Board of Education by claiming the Wake, Union and Cabarrus districts “surpassed” CMS.

Actually, CMS consistently has one of the top “exceed expectations/not meet expectations” teacher ratios in the state at 2:1.

The more accurate story is the incredible job CMS did in maintaining that ratio and the great work of Wake, Union and Cabarrus in elevating their effectiveness. These districts are the leaders among 115 districts in teacher effectiveness.

Congratulations to Wake, Cabarrus, Union, and CMS teachers for leading the way.

Eric C. Davis, Charlotte

Debate treatment of Trump disappointing

After watching Thursday night’s Republican debate I came away even more supportive of Donald Trump, and less supportive of Fox News.

Because of Fox News’ continuous attack on Mr. Trump, my attitude toward Fox News can be summed up in five words: “To hell with Fox News.”

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

I’ll take Mick over Nicki Minaj any day!

In response to “Nicki Minaj shows many faces at cheeky concert” (Aug. 7):

I grew up listening to people who were talented musicians. This review centered on this person standing there showing her butt for an apparently interminable period.

Please Mick don’t stop, and Linda Ronstadt I miss you. Chicago, Three Dog Night, Doobie Brothers please keep touring!

Dave Cabaniss, Charlotte