Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.11.15

Trump admitted to buying politicians

In response to “Trump won’t rule out third-party bid for presidency” (Aug. 7) and related articles:

I cannot respect a man that hurls insults like a pitcher throwing a baseball. My question, though, is where is the uproar about his admission on national TV that he buys politicians?

I have long said 99 percent of politicians vote the way they are bought to do and not the way their constituents voted them into office to do. Trump’s statement absolutely proves this theory! He should be investigated for corruption as well as any politician he has paid off!

Jimmie Austin, Charlotte

Shame on FOX News debate anchors

Last Thursday’s GOP debate was more like an attempt to politically assassinate Donald Trump. It began with the opening Bret Baier question regarding an independent party run, followed by Megyn Kelly’s woman issue and finally, Chris Wallace’s questioning Trump’s bankruptcy record.

No other candidate seemed to face the personal attacks in the manner invoked by these three moderators. Jerry Springer would have been proud of their behavior and the “show” they put on. So much for fair and balanced questioning.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Trump is not presidential material

At first I thought what Donald Trump was saying was good – it would wake up the people. Then I realized he is more divisive than Obama! His ego and wealth allow him to think he can get by with saying any ugly and untrue statement he wants. His comments about women on the debate stage and afterward on social media were crude, disgusting and totally uncalled for.

Would he treat our allies and enemies with the same nastiness? Probably. He is definitely not the caliber of person we want to represent our country as president.

Sheila W. Evans, Charlotte

State is bullying locals on I-77 tolls

In response to “Bill would make county, towns pay for I-77 cancellation penalty” (Aug. 6, CharlotteObserver.com):

What am I missing? How can the N.C. Department of Transportation sign a contract with I-77 Mobility Partners for the toll project when the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization can later vote to turn it down?

Additionally last week a bill was filed in the N.C. House to make Mecklenburg County, Mooresville, Davidson, Huntersville, and Cornelius pay the $100 million penalty if it gets voted down.

That is the height of political intimidation!

Fred Dula, Charlotte

City holds too much power on I-77 vote

The I-77 toll project negatively impacts the Lake Norman area. However, the city of Charlotte has most of the votes for transportation issues, and therefore can make decisions that we – not them – must live with for the next 50 years.

Lake Norman needs free general purpose lanes. How in a democracy can it be that one woman – Charlotte City Council’s voting member Vi Lyles – should have the power that negatively affects the tens of thousands of us who have to deal with this horrible “solution.”

Vi, please rethink your vote and do what’s right!

Sue Stritch, Mooresville

Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron

In response to U.S. Opinions: Los Angeles “Truth on Planned Parenthood case” (Aug. 6 Opinion):

If you don’t want a baby, don’t get pregnant. But if you do, Planned Parenthood offers to kill it via a safe abortion. Is it safe for the baby in the womb?

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Pro-lifers are waging the wrong war

The way to eliminate abortions is to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. So why don’t right-to-life organizations concentrate on promoting birth control rather than constantly waging a legal battle to make abortions difficult?

Robert D. Culbertson, Charlotte

Successful student’s story touched me

In response to “Student and teacher reunite decades after meeting in Nigeria” (Aug. 7, CharlotteObserver.com):

An A+ to Karen Garloch for giving us a story about teachers and students that is not focused on test scores or salaries! Her story reminds me of the reason I’ve stayed in the classroom for 22 years – to open the doors of opportunity in the hearts and minds of young people.

Justine Busto, Charlotte